Sunday, March 25, 2012

March madness

I have had the most amazing March so far. The month started off with a fantastic birthday (which included some unexpected hail and a day off of work).  It continued with a couple of amazing wins by the Wolfpack and the payoff from a few months of hard work which was extremely rewarding.

This weekend was kicked off with more late night basketball and housecleaning before the most awesome angry birds birthday party ever.  After celebrating my baby girl's birthday we got to go to a late showing of the Hunger Games which I had been eagerly waiting months to see.  It was awesome.

For the birthday party Jonathan built Julianna a big slingshot which the kids used to shoot tennis balls across the front yard at pyramids of shoe boxes, angry birds style. It was perfect for six year olds.

We also had the angry pig pinata that the kids had a blast beating.

And of course there was plenty of sugar to eat.

We were really worried about the weather because it seems like we always plan for an outdoor birthday party for Jules and then the weather does not cooperate despite her birthday being March 25th. Every year of her life it has been absolutely freezing on her birthay. This year there were tornado warnings and thunderstorms.  Fortunately, it rained all morning, cleared and became sunny for the party, and rained and hailed in the evening after it was all over.   It couldn't have been more perfect.   God is good.

I can't believe my girl is six. Furthermore, I can't believe I wore maternity capris to her six year birthday party.  I think it's time to go clothes shopping; whaddya think?  Anyway, fabulous weekend. Fabulous March. And Spring Break is coming soon!  Life is good!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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katz said...

What did you use for the sling shot part? The purple stretchy thing.

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