Monday, March 5, 2012

march is off to a good start

My little buddy was sick today so I took the day off and stayed home to snuggle with him.  During one burst of energy he climbed down off my lap and proceeded to do this:

Obviously not deathly ill, but running a fever and coughing terribly no less.  Still, it was nice to have the day off on my birthday.

It wasn't however, so nice to wake up to see this:

After having a very mild winter so far and even a few almost 80 degree days last week, it did not bring a smile to my face to see a white yard on the 5th of March.  I think it was mostly hail and it melted right away, but there was definitely a chill around today.

I spent most of the day taking care of Josh as well as creating invitations to the coolest angry birds birthday party around.  Also, this:

Now I certainly can't eat the candy ahead of time so that takes care of that.

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