Thursday, October 30, 2014

around the www

I'm loving this site lately. It's another web-based photo editor that you can make collages and slideshows with but mostly I'm just loving it for adding text and effects to random snapshots I take.

Here's one of our condominium at the beach. Nice, huh?

click here for rental info


Anthem Richmond Marathon
I love that this race was named one of the 15 Best Fall Marathons in the US. After my experience with RnR Raleigh, I'm glad to be doing a race that's in it's 37th year (not to mention one that's flat and in the Fall). I'm getting so excited about spending a weekend away and getting to hang out with my family and friends in Richmond after a phenomenal race.


We are still really enjoying our produce box from TerraSol Farms. Fifteen dollars every other week for a huge box full of fresh greens, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs, onions, radishes, etc.


Winston-Salem got a mention in Deep South Magazine for "8 of the South's Best Foodie Cities."  I love my town and it makes me extremely happy to see it get the recognition it deserves for being such an awesome place.


This made me laugh out loud... great fitness inspired Halloween costumes from Fitnessista.

I also saw a good one on Facebook that was a picture of a couple dressed like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. They grabbed a bunch of neighborhood kids to pose for the pictures with them. So funny.

Will you be dressing up this year?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


On the day of Josh's birthday party (which wasn't on his birthday) he came to me and put his hand on his hip and demanded, "Why didn't you put balloons on my door this morning, Mom?!"

I had to just look at him and tell him with a straight face that there were still four more days of being four and maybe he would have balloons when he woke up on his actual birthday (per usual tradition in our house).


We had his party on Sunday and he had an incredible time playing with all of the kids who showed up. We had new friends from school, old friends from school, cousins, and kids of cousins. They ran around spraying silly web blaster at each other and played ball in the yard. Then we had pinata fun, cake, and presents.


It turns out that for Josh, five is...
  • growing tall
  • a passionate story-teller (especially Biblical stories and stories about Mario and Yoshi)
  • stinky feet
  • hungry for a snack ALL. THE. TIME.
  • "Yes, Ma'am" and "No, Ma'am"
  • whiney when tired
  • excellent at keeping time to music
  • lazy when it comes to undressing and bathing
  • a good sight word reader
  • a limit pusher
  • less bashful
  • a super mommy-smoocher

Happy birthday, Buddy! You're an amazing big cousin and a hilarious little brother. Your non-stop chatter may tire us at times but there's not a day that we'd wish to have without you. You help me remember why life is so good. Keep on bringing the happiness, Stinkbug!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last Sunday Jonathan had to take something to his Dad's house after church and when they got there everyone was sitting down to eat so the kids went to the cousin's table and Jonathan sat down with all of the adults.

In the middle of the meal the adults were talking but a few of them overheard a conversation going on at the kids' table as well. One of the oldest says, "Well, I'm in second grade and she's in third grade and he's in first grade..." Josh immediately pipes up with, "And I'm in college!"


I put a roasted cabbage slice on Josh's plate.

"I'm not gonna eat that, Mom."
"Dad, I don't want that."
"OK, but do I have to eat that."
"What's that stuff on it?"
"I'm not eating it."
"How much to I have to eat?"
"Oh.... yum."


"Mom, when we get home can I use your cabletail?"
"My what?"
"You know that weight thing? That cabillpell? I want to get stronger"
"Ohhhh the kettle bell? Yeah sure."


We were cooking dinner. The kids were helping prep everything and beginning to set the table and sure enough, a fight breaks out between the two of them over something ridiculous. I'm chopping cabbage so without thinking I said the first thing I could think of to distract them from their petty argument. Big mistake there.

I tell them how cabbage leaves can stop milk production in a mother's breasts when her baby doesn't need it anymore. Why oh why in the world I told them that I really don't know, but I did. So then I decided I better explain again that we don't talk about our private parts outside of the privacy of the doctor's office or our home.

The first thing Josh says when Jonathan walks in the door? "Dad, did you know that sometimes mommies put lettuce on their boobs to make the milk stop coming out?"


Walking into the pantry Josh exclaimed, "Mom! You've got to see this! We've got to get a lot more stuff! We can go get the groceries I want! There's this huge space right here that we can fill up!"

Julianna quickly answered, "No, Josh! That's where the crock pot goes!"


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

cell phone contracts

When I turned 16 my parents gave me a car and a contract to go along with it. The contract had to be signed before I could drive it and I had to agree to do things like drive responsibly, always wear my seat belt, never drive after drinking alcohol, take my sister necessary places, help pick up my grandparents laundry once a week, etc. I think it was pretty effective in stressing the importance of the car being a privilege and not a right and also encouraging safety.

My daughter is only eight but she already wants a cell phone. Julianna is actually doing a project for school where she has to tell how she would spend a million dollars and one of the things she wrote that she would buy was a cell phone. Actually, Josh wants one too and he's only four.  I've been mulling over the idea of responsible cell phone usage and not that I'll be getting either of my children one any time soon, but it has been good to give it some thought.

I know that one of the best ways to teach children is by modeling. I have pretty good kids. I try to model good behavior all the time but everyone knows how difficult that can be. It's easier not to text and drive now that I have the new car, but I don't think that ANY kid will listen when you tell them not to text and drive if they see you doing it yourself.

Some things I've been thinking about regarding cell phones that I believe would be good in a contract for your kids when they first get a cell phone are listed below. I'd love to hear your thoughts so that I can be prepared for the day when my kids do get their own phones. Leave some input in the comments if you have anything to add.

  • Having a cell phone is a privilege, not a right. Using it with the expectation that it is yours to use as you please is a mistake and your parents are under no obligation to let you use it however and whenever you please.
  • The use of a cell phone requires responsibility. I acknowledge that it is a serious matter. If my phone gets lost, damaged, wet, or ruined in any other way I will take responsibility for my actions and replace the phone at my own expense.
  • Safety first! Operating a vehicle while using a cell phone injures and kills more than 419,000 people per year. I recognize that if I were to use my phone while driving I could injure or kill myself or others. I agree to do the safe thing and not use the phone until I've reached my destination.
  • I acknowledge that a cell phone gives me access to beau coups of information. What I do with that information is up to me. I will search the web for only information that I would willingly share with my parents.
  • Communicating with people is a life skill that I should know how to do well. I will use my manners when communicating via text, phone conversation, instant messaging, social media sites, etc just as if I was talking with them face-to-face. I will not say anything to anyone via text message or social media outlet that I would not say to them or to their grandmother's face.
  • In addition to the communication guidelines mentioned above, I will not use my cell phone to be rude. When I am face-to-face with another human being I will give them the respect that they deserve and I will put down my phone. I will not carry my phone to class. I will not use my phone in public meetings such as during church and other groups where my attention is desired elsewhere.
  • I will not give out information that should be kept private. This includes my own personal information and other people's information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers as well as pictures that are private in nature.
  • I recognize that the information and pictures that I post are public and subject to almost immeasurable repercussions. The lasting impact of cyberspace is very powerful and I will take care to only post pictures and information that I don't mind being around forever.
  • I agree to give my parents access to my phone periodically and any time upon their request. Until I prove that I am responsible enough to use a phone in a careful, respectful, and conscientious manner my cell phone usage will be monitored.

What other thoughts would you add?

What do you think is the earliest age that is appropriate to give a child a cell phone?

Do your kids have a cell phone? If so, what limits or guidelines have you placed on it's usage?

Friday, October 3, 2014

happy friday! my current thoughts on distance running

There are 42 days until my marathon. I'm honestly at the point where I'm really tired of running. I had an awesome race last weekend at the Salem Lake 30k Trail Run and I still have 4 pretty big long runs left if you count race day. I'm just feeling burnt out though. With 6 weeks left, I know I can do it.

This weekend we're going to the mountains for a day. It should be fun but a huge climate adjustment because the high temps here this week have all been in the low 80s and the high temp in the mountains this weekend is 48 degrees.  We're leaving after my 20 mile run on Saturday so I hope my legs don't die and fall off from riding in the car after that.

So I've been extremely stressed lately and skipping my short runs and that's lead to more stress, pitiful sleep, and lots of emotional eating. I completed the DietBet last month and lost 10.5 pounds but I feel the loss of control setting back in and I'm trying to get back on track.  I've finally figured out that I CAN lose weight while training for a marathon but I just have to really be careful with my calorie intake on either side of my Saturday runs. Anyway, here's to getting back on a better track tomorrow!

What are you up to this weekend? 

Any runner's out there struggle with fueling long runs and maintaining a balance with your weight?

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