Wednesday, October 22, 2014


On the day of Josh's birthday party (which wasn't on his birthday) he came to me and put his hand on his hip and demanded, "Why didn't you put balloons on my door this morning, Mom?!"

I had to just look at him and tell him with a straight face that there were still four more days of being four and maybe he would have balloons when he woke up on his actual birthday (per usual tradition in our house).


We had his party on Sunday and he had an incredible time playing with all of the kids who showed up. We had new friends from school, old friends from school, cousins, and kids of cousins. They ran around spraying silly web blaster at each other and played ball in the yard. Then we had pinata fun, cake, and presents.


It turns out that for Josh, five is...
  • growing tall
  • a passionate story-teller (especially Biblical stories and stories about Mario and Yoshi)
  • stinky feet
  • hungry for a snack ALL. THE. TIME.
  • "Yes, Ma'am" and "No, Ma'am"
  • whiney when tired
  • excellent at keeping time to music
  • lazy when it comes to undressing and bathing
  • a good sight word reader
  • a limit pusher
  • less bashful
  • a super mommy-smoocher

Happy birthday, Buddy! You're an amazing big cousin and a hilarious little brother. Your non-stop chatter may tire us at times but there's not a day that we'd wish to have without you. You help me remember why life is so good. Keep on bringing the happiness, Stinkbug!

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