Sunday, June 24, 2012


The kids and I were in a chaotic Harris Teeter the other day (thanks to Super Doubles) and Josh pointed to a box of tampons and loudly declared, "I want one of those, Mama!"


Julianna was asking about mine and Jonathan's grandparents one day in the car and I was telling her about some that had died and some that were still alive.  Not to be left out of any conversation these days, Josh piped up and asked, "Mom, did I already got married?"

Julianna was faster at replying than I was so I just let her go ahead and answer.  She said, "No, Josh! Mama and Daddy are married and you're not married and I'm not married.  I have to get a kiss first and then I'll be married and you have to get a kiss first and then you'll be married."


One night we made a cake much to my dismay (because I really didn't want to have a whole cake sitting in my kitchen but Julianna persisted).  The kids were licking the spoons per usual.  I told Julianna to look at her brother.  His face was covered in chocolate cake batter.  She didn't miss a beat and said, "Oh, can I lick him?!"


Jonathan told Josh to come feel how soft his face was one morning after he'd just shaved.  Josh, of course asked, "Why?"  Jonathan told him that he'd shaved his beard and Josh said, "I have a beard too, Daddy."  Jonathan said, "You will."  Josh argued back, "No, I have a beard right now."  When Jonathan asked him where he pointed between his eyes and said, "Right here!"


Friday, June 22, 2012

thirty two months

Dear Joshua,

Today you are thirty two months old. Just yesterday you embarrassed the heck out of me in the grocery store by declaring loudly, "Mom, I want one of those!" while you pointed at a box of tampons.  You certainly keep us on our toes.

You're constantly falling down as you walkrun down the sidewalks and it seems that you'll forever have a bloody knee, but I don't mind because you still say, "Kiss it, Mama."  Plus, your chubby cheeks still jiggle a bit when you run.

You're strong and obnoxious when you "play rough" with Jules and daddy.  You can honk my nose with the best of them and you can pull sister's hair hard enough to make her cry.  You might be small, but you are a strong fighter.

Speaking of your size, you long to be tall enough to get the mail from the mailbox and you still can't really reach the pedals on our tricycles enough to really ride them but you can open door knobs like a pro now and that pleases you so much.  Maybe by next summer you'll be able to wear your 2T or 3T clothes.

We're working with getting you to not wet the bed at night.  We're down to about ten pull-ups and don't want to buy more.  I started bribing you with candy on mornings you wake up dry.  It seems to be working and you haven't had a wet pull-up in a couple of weeks or more.

Whenever you need to go poop you calmly say, "Mama, I need to go poop.  Will you go?" and then you ask for me to shut the door and if I try to stay you demand privacy.  You can sit on the toilet long enough to make your legs falls asleep.  Two and half years old and already a man.

You'll do a lot for candy.  I think it's your most favorite thing in the world.  In fact, I think you'll do anything for candy.  Except eat your vegetables.  You won't eat vegetables for anything.

I get so tickled every time I think about how you've finally figured out to irritate your sister.  Just this morning you turned on your very loud Handy truck while Julianna was trying to watch one of her favorite shows.  She grabbed the remote and turned the volume up a few notches.  When you realized that didn't work as well as you thought it would you decided to sing, "LALALALALALALA" at the top of your lungs.  From an onlooker standpoint it's pretty funny.  From an every day at home in the summer mom standpoint it's about as funny as my left arm.

Your giggle is infectious.  You squeal when you splash water on the dog.  You cackle when someone says, "I'mmmm gonna get you!"  You laugh at the ridiculous shows on Nick Jr.

Some of the things you learned this month include how to spell your name (which you say E-O-S-H when you say it fast, but if we ask you to clarify you'll slow down and spell it correctly) and you've also learned how to swallow gum.  The first couple of pieces we gave you were fine, but then for whatever reason you started swallowing some of it.  Yeah, we'll keep working on that one.

"Why?" you say.  I don't know why, Josh.  I do know that I love you though.  I think one day you'll understand that.


Friday night fun

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Artist's Way Toolkit

I don't really consider myself a writer although sometimes I do wish I had more creativity. Sometimes I think what I do here on this little blog is a bit of writing, even if I'm the only one who reads it. it's definitely therapeutic to come back here and reads the words I wrote so many (or so few) days before.

Anyway, BlogHer sent me a login and password for a new site called My Artist's Way Toolkit.  It's based on the book by Julia Cameron called The Artist's Way and it's basically a site that is supposed to help you "get your creative juices flowing." Or help you overcome "writer's block" or however you want to say it.

I'll admit that I didn't quite do all the things I was supposed to do to complete the exercises listed on the site, but I did read through them and it gave me plenty to think about, and then possibly write about, which is the whole idea after all.

It's the subject of the latest discussion going on over at BlogHer's Book Club and you should check it out if you're a writer or just someone who wants to encourage your own creativity.

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 11, 2012

up to

We went to Which Wich sometime recently and it was YUM!  Winston-Salem just got with the program and got a yummy little slice of deliciousness by adding this restaurant for us.  Can't wait until the Trader Joe's gets here.

We also went to a free event at the library the other day and saw an hour of a lady making balloon animals.  They were actually pretty cool and I have to admit that I coveted the big pink flamingo.  After the show was over they "auctioned" off the balloon creatures by drawing names and both Julianna and Joshua got to take one home.  There were approximately 40 kids there so I thought that was pretty lucky.  Josh's name was called first and he chose a giant penguin.

Julianna's name was chosen close to last and she got stuck with the typical balloon poodle.  She was sad, to say the least.  I assured her there would be plenty of balloon animal entertaining events to come.

For the rest of the weekend we pretty much did nothing.

And one more thing: this is awesome.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy last day of school!

goals update

in 2012 I will...

  • potty train my son
  • go on a rather expensive vacation with my hubs (sans kids) booked and waiting for November
  • read 40 books
  • run a half marathon recap here and here and a second one on the calendar
  • spend more time playing games with my kids ongoing
  • lose some weight Ugh!
  • get a new passport

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

end-of-the-school-year blues?

My little girl had her teacher call us Monday afternoon to pick her up from school early since she wasn't feeling well.  That quickly translated to throwing up and battling a temperature that got to 103 degrees.  Apparently this past weekend she did too much of this:

and not enough of this:

She was devastated to miss field day at school (although, let's be honest, probably not as devastated as I was).  She seemed to be already over it 24 hours later and she and Josh even did some finger painting with Nanna.

She had plenty of energy last night.  We were all set to take her to school this morning so she could attend the last two days of Kindergarten and then, of course, more puking.  So back to Nanna's she went this morning.  I just hope she gets better quickly because early next week we plan on doing more of this:

2 more days!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

links i love

Earnd It - link your Garmin or your Nike+ app or RunKeeper to Earnd It and earn gift card rewards based on your fitness miles.  I'm all over that.

20 reasons to Switch to Google + - Mashable post yet another compelling article about Google + complete with infographic.  My favorites listed include browser integration (who doesn't use Chrome these days?) and hot topic adjustments (are you as sick as I am of the "trending articles" Facebook posts all the time now?).

Web.stagram - I'm hooked to Instagram like a lot of people these days and while I can't whip out my phone whenever I please in class, I can check my feed on Webstagram.  Pretty cool.  Follow me @c525600 if you'd like.

Pinterest - I'm still loving it.  I know a ton of people keep complaining and saying that the cool kids don't pin things anymore, but I have found it to be the perfect organizational tool for my internet discoveries, more so than Google Reader or bookmarks or LiveBinder or allrecipes anything else I've tried.  I will keep using it even if no one else continues to pin things.  I just add my own pins.  Pin all the things!

This interesting article about "Why I'm sending my kids to public school" - more on the public vs. private school debate which I find fascinating having had experiences in very "good" schools and very "bad" schools as a teacher and I've also had many discussions with church friends about public vs private... Julianna finishes Kindergarten in a public school this week...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

short video

go for the gold

Last night was Julianna's gymnastics exhibition.  Sorry my pictures are not great because I forgot the real camera.  It was much better than last year since she actually did show some gymnastics skills.  Last year when she was in the preschool class she basically just played on an obstacle course-type circuit.  Last night she did a small routine on each apparatus.

She did great on the bars.  She got some one on one attention with a coach for that event because the other girls lined up at another set of bars (I'm assuming because she was a lot taller, but I don't really know why).

She also did beam, floor, and a vault-type routine using the big gymnastics foamy block things.

She might not take gymnastics last year, but I'm glad she finished out the year in it even though she didn't want to.  She's going to venture into Karate this summer and see how she likes that.  At any rate, I'm super proud of her. Yay, Jules!  We love you, girl!

I can't wait for the Olympics this summer! Will you be watching?

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