Thursday, May 26, 2011

endorphins are my BFFs

I just got back from a visit to the Y which included 45 minutes on the elliptical and then a pediatrician visit for Josh who's on day six of fever greater than a hundred.  The doc ordered bloodwork which confirmed her suspicions that whatever he has is purely viral.  I was revlieved.  Julianna made sure that the doctor knew he had to be better in time for our camping trip in two days.  I adore those children.

Which brings me to the main point of this post: Everything is better when I exercise.  It's hard to be in a bad mood when I am running on an endorphine high from working out.  Last night I was supposed to go bike riding but it was 92 degrees and I decided not to make my kids endure that.  Nevertheless, I may go tonight. 

I have hit the gym at minimum three times per week since early April and most weeks I go four or five plus a lengthy bike ride at least once a week.  I can tell I am building muscle and losing inches.  The scale isn't doing too much but it's all good.  In due time.

For now, I'm just going to chillax, enjoy my workout warm fuzzies, and babysit these childrenwhoaresoreadytobeoutofschoolit'srediculous!  Have a great day everyone!

Questions of the Day:

-Don't you feel fabulous after working out?
-What's your favorite way to cool off on 90 degree days?
-Have you been watching American Idol?  I haven't but I hear a NC native won. Yay for North Carolina!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

part of what is wrong with the world today

I asked one of my students to go to the website and his reply came quickly.

"Is that with an S or a Z?"

Monday, May 23, 2011

nineteen months

Dear Joshua,

Yesterday you turned 19 months old.  Sometimes I think you look much older and other times I still see that plump little baby you were not so long ago.

Your father and I have had a few moments this month where we've discussed and relished your "baby-ness."  What I mean is that we've taken some time to enjoy the baby things that you do and paused a few moments to appreciate how much you need us, depend on us, and just how precious your little self is.  We know that you're the last baby we're going to have and you're growing so fast that we have to make ourselves stop and not take it for granted.  It's true what everyone says about how the time seems to pass by a lot faster with the second child.

At any rate, you've accomplished a lot this month.  Your vocabulary is still expanding rapidly and you've started speaking in two and three word sentences so much that it's gotten hard for us to keep up with all you know how to tell us.  It seems like every evening one of us will say, "Well, Josh said such-and-such today," or "I heard him say..."  It's rather amazing actually, that you can go from not knowing two or three ones one day and then the next day you've learned those three words and how to use them properly.

Indeed, this has taught you how to say "candy":

With the onslaught of warmer weather we've had the past couple of days you have quickly taught yourself how to put on your own Crocs (and sometimes flip-flops as well) and you can often be found walking around our house in just a t-shirt, diaper, and two mismatched Crocs.

I am proud to say that you have gotten a little better with your calorie consumption items other than goldfish and milk.  You've even eaten a hot dog or two!  Watch out, world!  Next thing you know we'll be asking Josh to back off from eating so many plates full of squash and tomatoes and drinking smoothies packed with spinach.

Josh, you've been learning a lot of things lately.  One day we realized that you'd learned how to count to six.  You only join in on the even numbers, but still. That totally qualifies as counting, right?

You also know some of your colors.  Your favorites are blue and pink and white.  It's funny when I put you to bed and I hand you your beloved "Baba" (which is blue) and you also demand Baba White (the other blanket we keep in your crib).

Some of your favorite things in the world are typical boy things like trucks, bulldozers, airplanes, and balls.  You hit, pinch, and bite when you don't get your way and you can eagerly ask, "Rough?" when Daddy comes home from work (meaning that you want to "play rough" in the floor with him).  You get cuts and bruises that just appear out of nowhere.

But you have a sweet, sweet spirit.  You give hugs immediately upon realizing you did something wrong and you can say, "I'm sorry" without prompting. You struggle with time-outs but we still try to use them to show you when you've misbehaved.

You love to sing "Elmo's World" with Daddy as you get dressed.  You shake your head back and forth quickly as you sing and smile so big it wouldn't fail to charm anyone.  This is one of the few things I wish I could bottle and keep forever.

It still remains that whatever your sister does, you follow closely behind copying every move.  And you know what?  If you turn out half as great as Doodlebug, you will certainly make me proud.  Of course, I already am proud, Joshua.  You've made me one very proud Mama.

Love you, buddy!


another one bites the dust

How is it already Monday?  Really.  I have no idea how the weekends can go by so quickly but they always manage somehow.  I spent a good chunk of time shuttling the kids around from place to place this past weekend.  After picking up the kids Friday afternoon we headed home and fixed a quick dinner.  Jonathan was recovering from surgery so we then headed to Target to pick up his prescription.  Josh and I were still struggling with a little cold and we all decided to head to bed early.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Fourth of July Park for the first Walk 4 Our Kids 5k.  The Foundation that this event raised money for helps local children who are battling cancer.  They provide meals for the families at Brenner's, help pay utility bills, and throw fun events for the kids in the ward.  My friend Vinny was there and his family is the one who began the foundation. It was extremely heart-warming to support a cause such as this and a good reminder of how fortunate my family has been ...not to mention that to have been pushing a 51 pound girl in the jogging stroller, I was pretty proud of myself for running almost the entire way.

After the walk we headed home for lunch and showers and then took off for Putt-Putt.  One of Julianna's friends from preschool was having her brithday party there and I have to admit, it was a lot fo fun.  When we got there everyone played one round of mini golf.  It's been a while since we've played and Julianna has improved a lot in her understanding of the game.  Even so, I was fully charmed by my child when, at the completion of the 18th hole she couldn't find her ball in the hole so she ran over to me and motioned for me to bend down to her level where she could whisper in my ear, "But Mama, where did that ball go?"

After the game of mini-golf we got to go inside and have cake and ice cream and watch the birthday girl open presents.  Even after that the kids got to play unlimited games in the arcade.  Jules had loads of fun and she says for her next birthday party she wants to go to Putt-Putt and then for the one after that and the one after that and ...

We went home to rest and relieve Jonathan from taking care of a whiney baby.  We skipped church so Josh wouldn't be arond other kids in the nursery and ordered pizza for dinner Saturday night.

Sunday was spent on another 7.5 mile bike ride with friends at my mom's house followed by a big salad bar lunch.  Then we attended another birthday party that included pizza and water guns in beautiful 87 degree weather that evening.  I am tired, but it really was a great weekend.

Questions of the Day:

-Do you know any children battling cancer?
-Where was your favorite place to have a birthday party when you were a kid?
-What is your favorite arcade game?

Friday, May 20, 2011

boring old summer

Outside in the yard:

Julianna: This is boring.

Me: Well, you better get used to it because this is what we'll be doing all summer.

Julianna: It's only this amount of fun (squishing her fingers together).

Me: ....?....

Julianna: If this is how much fun the summer is going to be here then I'm going to live with someone else.

Me: Who are you going to live with?

Julianna: Duh! At my grandma's!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

praise God, tomorrow is Friday!

We've had EOGs this week in NC and every teacher across the state is breathing a sigh of relief that tomorrow is Friday and testing will be over (except for retests, make-ups, mis-administrations, well - over for the most part).  One day this week I didn't even get a break/lunch until 2:15. Ugh!

So far it's been a very hectic week. We've had something going on every night and now it seems some of us are coming down with little colds. Plus, we have the usual busy, busy weekend ahead.  Fun stuff!  Anyway, I'll be back to post more this weekend, but for now I wanted to share some excellent smoothie recipes that I've been enjoying lately.  Yum-o!  And if you're into healthy living blogs you should head over to Peanut Butter Fingers and subscribe to Julie's blog.  It's good stuff!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

why do all of my posts center around food?

I couldn't have had a better Mother's Day.  Possibly because I was very pessimistic about the day being anything special and having to rush from here to there all day long made me sort of dread it and therefore I ended up being surprised when it turned out to be just the opposite.

We started off the day with breakfast at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery with my mom and dad.  After a short bout with Julianna and a couple of trips outside the restaurant with her for "behavior talks" we got to enjoy an absolutely scrumptious meal together while watching Josh play Talking Tom Cat on Pap's phone.

We came home and cleaned the house before my First Place meeting.

After Josh's nap and our First Place meeting was over we headed to a new frozen yogurt place in town called Yoforia.  They were giving out free cups of frozen yogurt to all mothers for Mother's Day.  This was my first frozen yogurt experience and I have to admit, I was completely smitten.  It was love at first bite!  I got pomegranate and dark chocolate yogurt topped with Reese's Cups and Butterfinger pieces. The cups were the size of Julianna's head and Oh. So. Good.  I will definitely be back for more.

We then went on a 7.4 mile bike ride with the whole family which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Julianna once again made it the whole way without getting tired or complaining.  We even got to go through this one small part of the path that passed through the water and she found that completely thrilling.  It was like our own little Spash Mountain! Hee.

After the bike ride we were supposed to meet Jonathan's mom for dinner, but we rescheduled that for another day and headed to McDonald's for a quick meal and then a quick trip to Lowe's to get garden soil before coming home to get ready for bed and another work week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

packing it all in

The day before Mother's Day, Jonathan had gone shooting again with some co-workers so I headed to the Y with the kids and then stopped by my mom's house.  She lives downtown, very close to the area in which they were holding the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event again this year.

We walked in the race one year before and since I wasn't doing it this year, the kids and I waited at their house for my mom and dad to get back.  After they got there we got to spend a rare precious half hour with my dad out in the streets at the after race events.

There was the percussion department from the School of the Arts playing all sorts of drums.  Josh was mesmerized!  They let him join in but he was so transfixed on the people that he wouldn't actually beat the drum himself and Pap had to move his hand up and down to get him to play.

Then we went over to the giant bubble pool.  I signed a quick waiver and let Julianna jump right in.  She had a blast until she slipped and fell on her knees.

If anyone knows my dad, you know that he couldn't stay out of that pool for long so soon enough he and Josh had climbed in as well.

After our fun outside we went shopping with my mom and my dad headed to work.  Before he went, mom asked him if she could have some money for lunch so Julianna walked right up behind her and said, "Pap, can I have ten dollars too?"  Naturally, grandpa handed over the funds and we were on our way.

It was really nice to have some carefree time without any place to hurry off to.  I hadn't been just "shopping" for no specific purpose in a long time and it was realy good to spend that time with my mom and kids.  I got a new belt and a new pair of shorts which I am excited about.  I can't wait to wear shorts every day this summer.

Julianna purchased a tacky nice new set of fake fingernails with her money and she was so excited to put them on when we got back to my mom's house.  I got a couple of cute new tops for her as well.

We were able to make lunch off of the samples they were giving out at Sam's and Josh repeatedly asked for "more cheese."  It was adorable.

When we came home, Josh napped at Nanna's while Jules and I went back to the Y for a short swim.  I've been worrying about how I can handle both kids at the beach by myself this summer and while I still recognize that it's going to be difficult, this trip to the Y reassured me that Julianna really is pretty self-sufficient in the water.  We'll be fine.

After Josh woke up we rushed home to shower and head to church.  That evening Jonathan's sisters came over for dinner and the cousins all had a good time playing together.  We wrapped up the night around the fire pit.

I love days like this where you get to spend quality time with family and don't really have any plans you just kind of see what happens.  It ended up being a really good day and I'm looking forward to another one like it.

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