Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I took both kids to the doctor at the end of April for their well-checks.  There's nothing terribly fascinating to report but I still want to get it recorded for my reference later. 

Julianna is still off-the-charts tall.  Her eyesight was tested (20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other).  Her hearing was fine. Her weight was right around 51 pounds.  There was nothing that our pediatrician was concerned about.  She did spend some time talking to Julianna about school next year, safety issues with strangers, and her new permanent tooth.

Joshua weighed in at 25 lbs 8 oz.  His head circumference was 18.75 inches and his length measured 32.75 inches which is all around the 46th percentile so he's dropped a little bit but nothing to be of concern.  I discussed with the pediatrician at length his eating challenges and she advised me to cut back his milk a little and try to increase his protein intake.

This is why I love our perdiatrician so much - well, at least one reason.  She assured me that I was doing my job as a parent.  She said that parents are to offer the child food, appropriate choices and not give in to protests for unhealthy items and that it is up to the child to make the choice whether to eat it or not.  It made me feel so much better to hear that I was doing the best I could do and that nothing will go wrong with Josh because he chooses not to eat what I provide.  Of course, this whole time he was scarfing down goldfish crackers that he had dug out of the diaper bag right in front of her.  Since that appointment he has started eating a little better and I am encouraged.

Anyway, we also talked about his physical development, his watery eyes, and dry skin spots.  The only thing the doctor was mildly concerned about was the fact that his eyes still water all the time.  She referred him to a pediatric opthamologist at Baptist to get them checked out.  She said that usually clogged tear ducts will straighten themselves out before the child is 18 months so she thought they should take a look just in case they want to do a very non-invasive surgery to fix the problem.  But she told me that they may just end up telling us to wait a little while longer and see if his eyes stop watering on their own.

So all in all my kids are perfect.  :)

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