Wednesday, May 11, 2011

am I the only one who can still sing the "i'm a big kid now!" commercial?

At the end of April Julianna's preschool class took a "field trip" across the street and down a block to the Elementary School.  This was so that they could see where most of them would be going to school next year and get a chacne to see inside some of the classrooms and eat in the cafeteria.  Jonathan went with her and said it was a good trip.

It really makes you realize how difficult it's going to be in some respects.  One or two teachers trying to open 22 cartons of milk at the same time will be rough.  Twenty two kids trying to talk all at the same time without raising their hands would drive me insane.  Julianna is most excited about riding the bus and so far that's the only part that terrifies me.

At the same time, I know she is ready.  It will more than likely be a very smooth transistion from her class this year to an elementary school classroom next year.  She is reading on her own, she writes all uppercase and lowercase letters (although not always the captial letter first followed by lowercase letters next), she is almost totally self-sufficient with eating and using the bathroom.  Her teacher this year has done a great job at getting them to count to 100, walk in a line, wait their turn to talk.  I know it won't be perfect, but I do know that my daughter will succeed.  I am so proud of her.

Last week Jonathan took her up to the Elementary School again for kindergarten screening.  When the lady brought her back from testing she said that Julianna tested as if she were a six year, eleven month old and she is only five years and one month.  Obviously, there weren't many concerns. 

Julianna was as happy as can be when she recounted the days events to me later that evening.  She told me that she did almost miss one question when the lady asked her what a picture of a compass was.  At first she almost said clock but them she remembered it was a compass and the woman told her that most of the kids do say clock when they are asked so she did great!  Jules was thrilled to tell me that she saw Lucas and Aidan (our neighbors) and she asked me when summer was going to be over.

I'm glad that she is excited and I hope it stays that way.

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