Friday, March 24, 2006

yes, i'm still here

No baby yet. :( One day past due date... Although it is Friday and it is my last day of school. I have told my principal and the secretaries that I will not be here starting Monday (crossing my fingers that I will either have a baby by then or that they will have scheduled me to be induced). In all I think I will miss 45 days of work (9 weeks). Hopefully I will get two weeks at full pay and then the next four or five at 40% pay. That is good because then I will only have a few with no pay at all. Everyone around me at school keeps coming and checking on me which is nice too.

Yesterday afternoon I felt pretty bad. I actually called the doctor when I got home because my belly felt really really tight and I wasn't sure if I was having one long contraction or what. They just told me to go lay down, put my hand on my belly to feel if it was contracting, drink a big glass of water, and go to the hospital if my contractions got to five minutes apart. Anyway, I just think that the nurse thought I was confusing braxton hicks contractions with real ones, but I don't think I was. I just think I was feeling really tired and crummy. Oh well. I slept great and feel much better now.

I have spent the entire morning finishing up last minute things for my sub. I should have been resting, but I kept thinking of things that I needed to do. I feel good about how I am leaving things for her though so at least I won't have to worry about that. Plus it is good that Jonathan is finished with all of his big stuff this week at work today as of noon. As I have said, God has good timing.

This weekend (if I'm not at the hospital) I am going to go to the pediatrics place for a prenatal class. Otherwise I am just going to sleep and rest.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

please make the phone stop ringing!

No baby yet. :( But my counter is cool today. I wonder what it will say tomorrow? I did start having some contractions yesterday evening though. They were not long and not very intense so I know I still have a while, but at least it is a sign of things progressing. Plus I didn't have any while I was sleeping or else they weren't strong enough to wake me up. I have been taking my blood pressure regularly and it has been relatively normal. My kids at school are still surprised to see me each day. I just hope that I will know for sure when it is time to go home or go to the hospital. I'm sure I will, but I am still nervous about it. You just can't help but worry sometimes.
Our phone is still ringing off the hook. It would make it impossible to get anything done if I were trying to when I got home from school. We are going to have to turn the ringer off after we get home from the hospital. My sister stayed up last night cooking for a lady she works with that just had a baby and the whole time she kept exclaiming, "Stupid pregos! All these pregnant people I have to do stuff for!" I just thought it was really funny. But it just shows how people are nice. It is good to be hospitable. he he Today is teacher goodie day in the break room. yum, yum :)

OK, I am starting to ramble and I need to get some stuff done. More tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

this may be too much information

No baby yet. :( Chapel days are so crazy at school too. I haven't hardly had a chance to sit down all day until now. Sorry I didn't write earlier! So I went to the doctor yesterday and got lots of "nothing" news. Here is probably more than you want to know: I am still 2 centimeters dialated, 100% effaced and +2 station which is all good, but my blood pressure was high. I have to keep monitoring it and making sure that I have no signs of toxemia or else they will write me out of work (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, ha ha). She "stripped my membranes" yesterday to try to get things moving so-to-speak which hurt like heck! No signs of anything yet though. She said that usually that would start the release of some hormones which would cause contractions which would help me to dialate (since the dialation is the hold up). She also said to make an appointment for Monday and then they would check again, possibly break my water and schedule me to be induced at the hospital on Tuesday. So for now we're just waiting and waiting, but I know God has good timing...

Those doctors all try to be so nice. They are funny because they try to compliment you to make you feel better. She kept saying yesterday how I needed to bottle and sell my secret for no stretch marks, but then she checked my ankles for swelling and she rubbed my leg which was quite hairy and all the good that her compliment did quickly vanished because of my embarrassment. Oh well.

All of my kids at school are like, "Mrs. Tucker! Why are you still here!" It is so funny because I know they mean well, but it just comes out all wrong. Then I have to be careful how I respond because I can't really be honest and say, "I don't really want to be!" Anyway, at least now I can tell them for sure that I certainly won't be here after Friday.

I think my final weight gain is going to be a whopping 39 pounds! I really wanted to keep it under 30 and then I changed my goal to under 35, but it just keeps piling on. I just hope I can get it all back off and then some. I will have to try to take Jules on long walks on the beach this summer.

I slept great last night and I came home from the doctor yesterday and rested all eveing which was good. I am going to try to do the same today. Just preparing for the wearisome months that lie (or lay - which is it?) ahead...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

miscellaneous ramblings

March is finally here and it has definately come in like a lamb. Have you looked outside today?! It is so beautiful! I wish I could be out there enjoying the sunshine! Oh well! Spring and Summer are just around the corner. I think it is supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow. Whoooo-hooo! If it's not going to snow then I at least want it to be warm. I hope it is warm on my birthday. Sometimes it snows.

Anyway, I made a good dinner last night. Mashed potatoes, meatloaf, peas, and asparagus. I ate too much but it was yummy. Then Jonathan and I watched "Walk The Line" which I thought was really good. I actually started on some thank you notes too. How productive! Today I have another doctor's appointment and then I'm headed home early to do more productive things. How nice it is to be able to get stuff done. (But I know I will be sad on Friday when I get my last Curves paycheck.)

Julianna's something or other is sticking in me right now. She hasn't been moving as much as she normally does but I think it's just because she hardly has any room to. Three weeks is so short! I am getting very excited! I still have lots of stuff to wash though. I need to get the breast pump ready, wash some bottles, and there are lots of bibs and socks, etc. that I haven't touched yet. Besides, I haven't put up the gifts from the last shower.

I also really need to clean the house before Rebecca and Emily come this weekend. Some friends asked if we wanted to eat at Carraba's and I NEVER pass up the opportunity to eat there, but it might not be able to happen this weekend, depending on when R & E come. That makes me sad. :( I LOVE CARRABA'S!

I am now up 33 pounds for the 2nd day in a row so I guess it's official. With 3 weeks left it looks like I will probably go over the 35 pound goal. :( Jonathan and Whitney have started their running again. I need to exercise with them, but maybe when I'm ready they will want some extra motivation and I'll be able to go with them. I hope I'll be able to run again with a little baby to care for too. We'll see... I really want to lose all of this extra weight before I head back to school in the fall. Ok, I am rambling now and I'm sure it is boring. Happy Hump Day!

still no baby...

No baby yet. :( Everyone at school yesterday kept asking me about it. How are you feeling? What does the doctor say? How much longer now? It is nice to have all of the attention, but I feel like a broken record. At least people care. :)

I really, really overdid it yesterday. I had aches and pains all night long. Mostly they were in my legs and back from standing and walking around. But we did have a great dinner though so I guess it's all good. I know one thing though - today I am going straight home from the doctor's office and getting in the bed. My body just can't take much more and whenever I sit down to rest I think of one more thing to do and I jump up to do it. Anyway, maybe if I'm in the bed reading or something it will be easier to stay put.

One of my devotionals for today hit a soft spot with me. It was about the Good Samaritan and it said, "God's will comes to us in strange ways, often in the form of interruptions. Just when we think our duties are done for the day and we've settled in for a quiet evening at home, someone calls on the telephone or shows up on our doorstep asking for our time. "Are you busy?" they ask. The best thing to do is to stop looking at these intrusions as interruptions. Instead, we should take them as opportunities that God is sending us to serve those in need—to listen well, to show love, to help them on their journey toward intimacy with God."

I guess reading all of that sortof had a weird effect on me. I just became really thankful after reading it. Thankful for all of the people who have helped me throughout this pregnancy. How everyone has been so nice and thoughtful from random people at the grocery store, to coworkers and family members. Someone different calls each night to see how I'm doing and sometimes I can't help but think of their calls as interruptions, but overall I know that I am blessed by them. As I have been praying for a healthy daughter and delivery, I have added to my prayers a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings I have received during the last nine months including the unusual ones like the "annoying" ways people have been showing me their love. :) I am going to make more of an effort to reciprocate that care for other people.

So I looked up who Jules might share a birthday with and here's what I found I know, I know, I am a lunatic, but oh well. I guess I can't help it. I am still betting on the 26th. There are lots of cool people with that birthdate. I just hope it's not the 31st because that's Al Gore's birthday. :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

so sad

No baby yet. :( Back at work. :( Everyone keeps asking me how much longer and I've only been at work for an hour now. If I could know don't you think I'd tell them?! :)

I woke up last night and waited for Julianna to move. She didn't for about 30 minutes and I just laid there still and paranoid. I'm sure it's just nervousness, but I get worried when she doesn't move when I want her to. Anyway, my bags are packed and ready and all of my lesson plans are done. The only thing that I need to do is get some assignments for 4th quarter entered into the computer so that my sub doesn't have to do it. ('cause I don't want to have to explain to her how to do it when it is much easier to just do it myself since it's only for one quarter - she's already emailed me once with questions this morning - which is perfectly fine, but just so much easier for me to do it myself - AND could this sentence get any longer??)

I had a great Spring Break. I didn't do too much of anything. I did get the files on CD that I needed to get for the sub and I got lots more baby clothes washed. Jonathan hung the blinds and I got the car seat inspected. Now I just hurry up and wait. I've had horrible back pains the past week or so and not too many braxton hicks contractions (at least if I've had them they've been tiny). We got to thinking that maybe I'll have back labor instead of normal contractions. Anyway, at least I go to the doctor again tomorrow and we'll see what they say then.

Well, I have to get to work. Since I'm here I might as well be doing something worthwhile. More tomorrow...

Friday, March 17, 2006

stop here if you're tired of hearing about heartburn

OK, they're talking about college girls donating their eggs for $5000 on TV and I personally think they're crazy. They're saying that Asian, Indian, and Jewish donors are getting up to $15,000 per donation because those donors are hard to find. Well, if you ask me the whole thing has nothing to do with science or helping a needy couple, it's all about the money and "adding to the shoe collection" which is kinda sad, but anyway... I know several couples who have adopted or who are adopting and I don't know how similar I think that is, but to me it still just seems kinda weird.

My Baby Center newsletter this morning said that next week they'd start sending me the newborn newsletters instead of the pregnancy ones. That is exciting to think that I could have a little one in such a short amount of time. Last night I was begging Jonathan and Whit to carry her upstairs so that I didn't have to. My back was hurting pretty badly and of course I had eaten too much for dinner and had horrible heartburn and indigestion.

I did get a lot done yesterday though. I made it to the grocery store to stock up on some staples and frozen foods. I also managed to run some stuff by school which wasn't that successful because the copy machine was broken and I forgot a couple things, but anyway, a person at my school saw me and asked how I was and what the doctor was saying. Then she said, "Has the baby dropped? I can't tell because I've never seen you wear anything that tight before." Ugh! People are so inconsiderate! Besides, I'm on Spring Break! I can wear what I want! I'd like to see her 9 months pregnant!

Today is my last day of break. I HAVE to finish the birth announcements and get my grades posted since we only have one week left in third quarter and I don't want my sub to have to worry about report cards until the end of the year. Other than that I'm not gonna do much today. I already dread going back to work on Monday. Jonathan said last night, "But it's only 5 days" to which I responded, "If you were carrying an extra 35 pounds with major back pain 5 days would seem like an eternity to you too!" But my dad's right, at least she'll be a spring baby. I am looking forward to taking her to the beach this summer and pushing her around the outlet malls and seeing her in cute hats and bathing suits. :) Yay for little girls!

OK, happy Friday everyone! Cheer on the Wolfpack and Tarheels!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

nothing new here

I am sad today 'cause there are only two days left of Spring Break. I am proud that I have gotten a lot done, but I also wish that I had done more. Everything is just slow going. Today I have to go by school and drop some stuff off and make some copies. I also have to get the car seat inspected and go to the grocery store, etc. I think I will go by Curves today to see everyone if I can. I managed to get a lot done here at the house yesterday. I called the pediatrician and found out about a prenatal class that they have once a month. They also told me what kind of formula to buy. I finally finished all of the thank you notes and I finished my sub stuff (I think). I also cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed upstairs. Just the least little bit of activity makes my back hurt extremely badly though. I had horrible heartburn last night from the caesar salad that I had for dinner at Carraba's. It kept me up a good bit of the night so I might take a nap today if I can. Besides there are good basketball games to stay up late and watch tonight.

Well, I supposedly only have one week left. It hardly seems like it's been 9 months, but then it also hardly seems possible that it has been less than 2 years too! I can hardly even remember telling our families that I was pregnant. I watched A Baby Story yesterday on TLC (I know as I've said before - not a good show to watch when you're pregnant) and it was really good. It made me cry. I am ready to hold Julianna in my arms instead of in my belly. I am getting nervous about the pain of labor though. People keep telling me that I need to go walk, but I just don't want to go walk. I will worry about that next Thursday when I still haven't had the baby.

I can definitely tell that my contractions are getting longer, but they're still no more than 10 seconds or so and they don't hurt. Just my back. Sorry to be full of complaints lately! I know that this is no fun to read, but maybe I will have more news tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

any day now

I had a great day yesterday although I was feeling pretty crummy last night. I had a good doctor's appointment and a good lunch with Whitter. Then I came home and worked on thank you notes and birth annoucements. I still didn't finish them all but that's OK.

The nurse didn't comment on my weight or blood pressure, but they did say my belly was measuring a centimeter larger and when the doctor did the exam he said that I was 2 centimeters dialated and 100% effaced. A baby could be around the corner! I am still betting on the 26th though. He went over the signs of labor with me and told me when to call the hospital. He also told me to make an appointment for next week although they might not have to see me then. Anyway, everything was good.

I've had lots of people telling me lately that it looks like I'm about to have the baby any day now. The lady at Burger King yesterday said I was about to "pop that one out" and she knows because she's had six kids. :) I came home and read up on dialation and effacement and the books and websites say that first time moms usually are 100% effaced before they start dialating but that women who've already had a child usually dialte before their cervix thins out. So it still could be weeks, but with the number of people that have been calling me lately to check on me and tell me to go for a walk I have certainly decided that our phone's ringer is going to be turned off the second we bring that baby home from the hospital!

Last night I had lots and lots of back pain (which the doctor said was completely normal). He also said that period cramps were normal too so that made me feel better. I think I just sat in the wrong kind of chairs yesterday and I also laid in the bed too long the night before. I feel tons better this morning. My body just gets worn out by the evening.

I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night last night and couldn't get back to sleep right away. I got worried about silly stuff like what if I can't wake up when Julianna is crying and what if she gets so fussy then that she won't eat? Anyway, I know it will all work out fine and once I get the hang of it we'll be great together, but I guess I am getting anxious about caring for her again.

Well, I'm up early and I'm going to get lots of stuff done today. Today's goals: finish up some school stuff, clean the bathroom, finish birth announcements and thank you notes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a little chipper today

What a good mood I am in this morning! It's probably because I slept really well last night. No leg cramps and not too hot, but I did go pee the usual four times. I always heard about pregnant women being so hot all of the time, but I thought it wouldn't be like for me because I am so cold natured, but boy was I wrong! I guess it's a combination of the quick weather change and all the extra fat I have because I have been burning up for like the last week! Anyway, I have my doctor's appointment this morning so we'll see how that goes. I know that I have gained some weight since last week. Probably a couple pounds. I think I am up 36.5 since I first went to the doctor. Oh well. I will get it off eventually. I finally had to take my wedding rings off because my fingers are so swollen. :( Mom and I seem to think that Julianna has dropped more although I don't think that Jonathan or Whit think so. When I feel the contractions now they feel a little lower than they were. I'm betting that she'll arrive on March 26th, but whenever she comes I hope she is safe and healthy. Jonathan has a busy week at work this week and next so hopefully it will be the 24th or after...

I took the ottoman for the glider back to Babies 'R Us yesterday and they replaced it for me. I also took some more of the 0 - 3 months clothes back and exchanged them for bigger sizes. A lady at the store asked when I was due and I was able to say, "next week" which was cool. :) Yesterday I also worked on school stuff all morning getting the files together on CD for my substitute. I was able to buy a wedding shower gift that I was needing to buy yesterday afternoon.

Goals for today: doctor, lunch with Whit, birth announcements, clean the bathroom, thank you notes, and whatever else I can accomplish... fun stuff! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 13, 2006

heifers and such

Hooray for Spring Break! What a good weekend I had! What a good week is ahead of me! I am cheerfully praising God this morning! He has perfect timing.

Friday was a rough day. I really had a lot to do in the afternoon and then people piled more on me. Anyway, I made it through. After school I stopped by Babies 'R Us and asked about the glider to which they responded, "You mean no one called you? It's been here for about a week." Anyway, we went back to get it Saturday morning and then Jonathan and Whitney took it out of the box and put the cushions on and everything and one piece of the foot stool on the ottoman was ripped. So now I have to take that back... it's just one more thing. But Jonathan and I did get our taxes off. We also skipped church and went to IHOP yesterday. Bad us. But the weekend more than made up for the bad afternoon on Friday.

It is so hot today. I got up early and have been working ever since 7am. I have already graded some papers and posted some grades. I have cleaned out my emails (especially some really old ones that I have been putting off responding to). On the agenda for the rest of the day is to make sure that I have everything packed for the hospital for good, to catch up on some reading from our class at the hospital, and to make sure I have all of the files copied to a CD for my sub at school. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I know that it is. If I get the chance I am going to try to create some more of the birth announcements.

Oh by the way, I got the pictures back from the Sunday School Class Shower and I'm debating about whether or not to post them. I look like a heifer in them! Ugh! I am SO ENORMOUS! We'll have to think on that one...

Friday, March 10, 2006

YAY! for Spring Break!

Well, I'm having a mountain dew and I don't care. It's Friday and to make it even better, it's the Friday before Spring Break! :) Besides, I just don't care - oh - I already mentioned that. So what's going on? Yesterday the co-sleeper came in and I was able to easily put it up in our bedroom. Although our bedroom is filthy and despareately needs to be cleaned at least that's taken care of. I also got some stuff taken back to Target yesterday and I exchanged some of it for more gowns and other stuff we were missing. I am really looking forward to this weekend and getting a lot more done around the house.

MIL and I had a nice dinner last night too. She brought some more gifts by the house. I am so thankful to have all of the help that we've had lately. Now I just need to get started on the thank you notes! I also have a few to write from the gifts people have brought me at school and Whit says I need to go ahead and have some ready for when people give us stuff after the baby is born or when they bring us food or whatever which is not a bad idea. I know that the Sunday School class will probably make us a few meals. mmmmmmmm.... I am hungry now..... :)

Last night I made the poor decision to sleep without the humidifier on in our room. I felt awful when I woke up this morning and I even realized in the middle of the night that my head was getting dried out but I was so dead to the world that I didn't bother getting up to fill it up and turn it on. I won't do that again for a while because my nose has already bled just a little bit this morning. I've also been so hot at nights that I haven't been able to sleep with hardly any covers on or I wake up sweating. I will be so grateful when my body goes back to normal. You just don't realize all of the changes that you have to put up with when you're pregnant until you get there.

On a more positive note, I am so proud of my family for taking care of themselves lately. My dad actually had a physical yesterday which is a miracle in itself. Mom has gotten back into regularly going to Curves and Jonathan and Whit have been back on their running schedule again. Everyone is being healthy but me. But it's OK because when Jules is born I am going to do my best to get in shape and lose weight, etc. We are all going to stroll her around and I am going to try to get back into running with Whit and Jonathan. I know now that I will be exhausted and worn out and not want to exercise, but I also know that it will help my sanity too. Anyone want to babysit a few times a week while I run? :0)

Thursday, March 9, 2006

happy day!

Hopefully today will be a slower day than yesterday. Yesterday was a good day, it just went by way too fast and I couldn't get anything done. I tried to get a lot done and was somewhat successful. I have now finished my lesson plans for maternity leave. I still have lots to get together for her, but at least the hard stuff is done. I should be able to knock some of it out today and tomorrow too because we are on a weird schedule with the high schoolers on trips and the middle school watching some of the ACC Tournament in the afternoons.

So let's see. I haven't written about my doctor's appointment yet. It was a bummer. It was the cute young doctor but he was really behind schedule so all he did was ask the usual questions and take the usual measurements. I had lost half a pound. My blood pressure was 110 over 80 and my belly was measuring right at normal. He said that we could talk at my next appointment about when I could be written out of work and he didn't check to see if I'd started dialating yet. Fine by me. I just have this really strong feeling that Julianna is going to be several days late.
Anyway, mom came over yesterday afternoon and brought the curtains for the nursery. They look so adorable! I am so pleased! She also got some stuff washed for me. Wasn't that sweet of her? I still have a long list of things to do, but it is looking so much shorter than it was.

The other night I had lots of leg cramps and I've started having a little heartburn again. I went for about two weeks without it and I slept pretty good. It's definitely not as bad as it was so I am still sleeping OK, just not as good as I did before my belly got so big. :)

Jonathan's dad's family gave us the high chair that we'd registered for the other day and some friends at Jonathan's work gave us the changing pad. That means the nursery is almost complete except for the glider. We have gotten the majority of the things that we registered for. I'm sure that we'll come up with lots more that we "need" as soon as she's born, but my dad thinks we've spoiled the child already. I say he's just a man that doesn't know. :) But maybe it's just that I haven't had a child before. Who knows?

Well, I'm going to finally get started on some work. Happy day!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

life is good

My friend at school gave me a really neat gift for my birthday yesterday. They are these faux suede/leather nesting boxes. She said that they would be great for keepsakes for Julianna and I think she's right. If I get started on organizing all of that stuff now then I won't be ticked at myself for having this huge task to do when she's 15 and older. I also keep having random people bring me gifts at work and home. It is nice to have all of this stuff just given to me - especially when people think of things that I would never think of.

Anyway, I felt better after resting a lot last night. I slept a little better although I am having dreams about random other people and their children. I cannot tell you how glad I am that this is the last week before spring break. It doesn't even matter that I have to come back after break. I am just grateful that I will have a week to rest. A friend just came by and talked to me about it and she strongly suggested that I just ask the doctor today to go ahead and write me about of work for those few days after break. She said I'd need that time to just relax my body and that it would help with recovery time after the delivery instead of having stood on my feet the few days before labor. I don't know what I will do, but I still have a week or so to decide. I have one appointment today and then again next Tuesday. Today they are going to check to see if I've started dialating. Yippe. After I found out that I would only be paid 40% instead of full pay for my leave we were hoping that I would go past my due date although I told Jonathan last night that if the next two weeks I am going to be feeling this worn out then I will be happy to take the pay cut and have Julianna early. Oh well.

I haven't had the real abdominal soreness that I had the other day which is good. I just have the back pain and exhaustion. I got some more baby clothes washed last night. I can only manage to do about one task per night. :) Luckily tonight is American Idol. Next week I am going to plan on getting the car seat inspected as well as the tired rotated in my car. I am also going to do all of the last minute nursery stuff, make some more meals to freeze, and hopefully get the glider from Babies R Us. I have birth announcements to finish too! By the way, this week the development websites say that Julianna is probably almost 20 inches and 7 pounds by now.

So have you noticed the weather forecast for this week? It's going to be awesome. Sunny and beautiful this weekend supposedly. I am so ready to go to the beach. Normally I would be getting ready for a beach trip about now, but I will have to wait a few months. Jules does already have some cute bathing suits though! :)

I am going to try to keep up this website once Julianna arrives. Of course, I can't make any promises, but I will try. I can't wait to put the first pictures of her up. We are already getting emails from people telling us to save their address to send them pictures. Oh how fun!

Thought for the day: Galatians 6:9 says, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Monday, March 6, 2006

i hate mondays

I feel awful this morning. I think I must have overdone it this weekend. I am just really achy and sore and tired. I slept great both Friday and Saturday nights, but then last night my back was hurting pretty badly and I had what felt like menstrual cramps but who knows. I just couldn't sleep. Yesterday I also did some crazy demonstrations for mom and Whit where I can make Julianna pop up from my belly. I know it sounds weird, but it is just basically a half situp and now my muscles ache. Anyway, I am planning on going straight home from school today and resting (that's if I can make it through the whole day). :( I hate Mondays.

On Friday I found out that I'm only getting 40% pay for the days that I'm out on maternity leave. I also found out that I can't use any of my personal days or sick days until I've actually gone into labor which basically means that I have to come back after spring break and work up until the day I go into labor. Ugh. It makes me mad that I hadn't known that from the beginning but that's water under the bridge now. At least I will go ahead and make more money for these days instead of taking them without pay.

I hope that the glider comes in this week. I still have a lot of stuff to take back to various places. I still have a lot of laundry to do. I still need to get the car seat base inspected. I still need to finish some work on our taxes and finish up the lesson plans. I didn't work on any of that this weekend. Rebecca and Emily came and we had a nice visit. I had a really good birthday. Plus it's ACC Tournament time.

Well, I am going to go actually try to make a dent in the rest of my lesson plans. My sub is coming on Wednesday to try to pick up anything that I have ready for her so I really have to get moving. Hope you all have a terrific day!

Friday, March 3, 2006

on my mind

Yesterday I went by Babies R Us and paid off our glider and exchanged some things. Today I think I will go by Target and exchange some other things. I have gotten a whole lot of blankets and newborn diapers and newborn outfits and I think I should get bigger sizes in some of them. It is nice to not have to work at Curves after work.

Well, I have 20 days left. Yesterday I had a very active day because of all of the stuff that we had going on at school. My stomach felt pretty tight all day. I don't know if it was because the contractions were getting stronger or what. Last night I didn't sleep so well. I was hot and kept waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. I think I got up to use the bathroom at least three times last night. I hope tonight is different.

My skin is SO DRY! I feel like I keep pouring tons and tons of lotion on it, but it doesn't help a lot. I will be happy to have my old skin back and I will be thrilled to be able to reach my feet easily again. I can't wait to paint my toenails this summer and get some sun on my ugly white legs! This weather makes it feel like summer is just around the corner. YAY!

Julianna now supposedly weighs over 6 pounds and is between 19 and 20 inches long. The baby development websites say that she also now has a firm grasp and all her organs are fully developed and in place except for her lungs and brain which both continue to develop through childhood.

This is random I know but I've been thinking so much about how Jonathan and my's relationship has already changed. I'm not complaining at all, just noticing differences. I know that having children is always the start of a joke about how things will never be the same in a marriage again, but I think my pregnancy has even changed things a lot. We are both just so tired all the time.

I know that Jonathan and I love each other dearly and we communicate well so I am confident that our family will be great even after Julianna is born, but I also know that it is starting to be different already. We are so busy now. We really have to make efforts for "us time." I'm always at a shower or organizing baby stuff and Jonathan is always having to do work stuff. Last night he got a call about the burglar alarm going off and had to deal with that from about 10 - 11:30 and then be back at work early this morning. He also had an employee fall at work this week and is in pretty bad shape at the hospital. Jonathan understandably keeps going to visit him before or after work. We are lucky to be safe and healthy ourselves but we've always got something going on.

I am not worried about the first few months of Julianna's life (probably not as much as I should be). I am just trying to prepare myself for a rough few months. I know that we will be even more exhausted, stretched, and sleep-deprived than we are now (if that's even possible), but I feel ready! Let's get it over with and then when she's in a routine and laughing and happy let the fun begin! :)
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