Friday, March 17, 2006

stop here if you're tired of hearing about heartburn

OK, they're talking about college girls donating their eggs for $5000 on TV and I personally think they're crazy. They're saying that Asian, Indian, and Jewish donors are getting up to $15,000 per donation because those donors are hard to find. Well, if you ask me the whole thing has nothing to do with science or helping a needy couple, it's all about the money and "adding to the shoe collection" which is kinda sad, but anyway... I know several couples who have adopted or who are adopting and I don't know how similar I think that is, but to me it still just seems kinda weird.

My Baby Center newsletter this morning said that next week they'd start sending me the newborn newsletters instead of the pregnancy ones. That is exciting to think that I could have a little one in such a short amount of time. Last night I was begging Jonathan and Whit to carry her upstairs so that I didn't have to. My back was hurting pretty badly and of course I had eaten too much for dinner and had horrible heartburn and indigestion.

I did get a lot done yesterday though. I made it to the grocery store to stock up on some staples and frozen foods. I also managed to run some stuff by school which wasn't that successful because the copy machine was broken and I forgot a couple things, but anyway, a person at my school saw me and asked how I was and what the doctor was saying. Then she said, "Has the baby dropped? I can't tell because I've never seen you wear anything that tight before." Ugh! People are so inconsiderate! Besides, I'm on Spring Break! I can wear what I want! I'd like to see her 9 months pregnant!

Today is my last day of break. I HAVE to finish the birth announcements and get my grades posted since we only have one week left in third quarter and I don't want my sub to have to worry about report cards until the end of the year. Other than that I'm not gonna do much today. I already dread going back to work on Monday. Jonathan said last night, "But it's only 5 days" to which I responded, "If you were carrying an extra 35 pounds with major back pain 5 days would seem like an eternity to you too!" But my dad's right, at least she'll be a spring baby. I am looking forward to taking her to the beach this summer and pushing her around the outlet malls and seeing her in cute hats and bathing suits. :) Yay for little girls!

OK, happy Friday everyone! Cheer on the Wolfpack and Tarheels!

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