Thursday, March 9, 2006

happy day!

Hopefully today will be a slower day than yesterday. Yesterday was a good day, it just went by way too fast and I couldn't get anything done. I tried to get a lot done and was somewhat successful. I have now finished my lesson plans for maternity leave. I still have lots to get together for her, but at least the hard stuff is done. I should be able to knock some of it out today and tomorrow too because we are on a weird schedule with the high schoolers on trips and the middle school watching some of the ACC Tournament in the afternoons.

So let's see. I haven't written about my doctor's appointment yet. It was a bummer. It was the cute young doctor but he was really behind schedule so all he did was ask the usual questions and take the usual measurements. I had lost half a pound. My blood pressure was 110 over 80 and my belly was measuring right at normal. He said that we could talk at my next appointment about when I could be written out of work and he didn't check to see if I'd started dialating yet. Fine by me. I just have this really strong feeling that Julianna is going to be several days late.
Anyway, mom came over yesterday afternoon and brought the curtains for the nursery. They look so adorable! I am so pleased! She also got some stuff washed for me. Wasn't that sweet of her? I still have a long list of things to do, but it is looking so much shorter than it was.

The other night I had lots of leg cramps and I've started having a little heartburn again. I went for about two weeks without it and I slept pretty good. It's definitely not as bad as it was so I am still sleeping OK, just not as good as I did before my belly got so big. :)

Jonathan's dad's family gave us the high chair that we'd registered for the other day and some friends at Jonathan's work gave us the changing pad. That means the nursery is almost complete except for the glider. We have gotten the majority of the things that we registered for. I'm sure that we'll come up with lots more that we "need" as soon as she's born, but my dad thinks we've spoiled the child already. I say he's just a man that doesn't know. :) But maybe it's just that I haven't had a child before. Who knows?

Well, I'm going to finally get started on some work. Happy day!

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