Monday, March 13, 2006

heifers and such

Hooray for Spring Break! What a good weekend I had! What a good week is ahead of me! I am cheerfully praising God this morning! He has perfect timing.

Friday was a rough day. I really had a lot to do in the afternoon and then people piled more on me. Anyway, I made it through. After school I stopped by Babies 'R Us and asked about the glider to which they responded, "You mean no one called you? It's been here for about a week." Anyway, we went back to get it Saturday morning and then Jonathan and Whitney took it out of the box and put the cushions on and everything and one piece of the foot stool on the ottoman was ripped. So now I have to take that back... it's just one more thing. But Jonathan and I did get our taxes off. We also skipped church and went to IHOP yesterday. Bad us. But the weekend more than made up for the bad afternoon on Friday.

It is so hot today. I got up early and have been working ever since 7am. I have already graded some papers and posted some grades. I have cleaned out my emails (especially some really old ones that I have been putting off responding to). On the agenda for the rest of the day is to make sure that I have everything packed for the hospital for good, to catch up on some reading from our class at the hospital, and to make sure I have all of the files copied to a CD for my sub at school. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I know that it is. If I get the chance I am going to try to create some more of the birth announcements.

Oh by the way, I got the pictures back from the Sunday School Class Shower and I'm debating about whether or not to post them. I look like a heifer in them! Ugh! I am SO ENORMOUS! We'll have to think on that one...

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