Thursday, March 16, 2006

nothing new here

I am sad today 'cause there are only two days left of Spring Break. I am proud that I have gotten a lot done, but I also wish that I had done more. Everything is just slow going. Today I have to go by school and drop some stuff off and make some copies. I also have to get the car seat inspected and go to the grocery store, etc. I think I will go by Curves today to see everyone if I can. I managed to get a lot done here at the house yesterday. I called the pediatrician and found out about a prenatal class that they have once a month. They also told me what kind of formula to buy. I finally finished all of the thank you notes and I finished my sub stuff (I think). I also cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed upstairs. Just the least little bit of activity makes my back hurt extremely badly though. I had horrible heartburn last night from the caesar salad that I had for dinner at Carraba's. It kept me up a good bit of the night so I might take a nap today if I can. Besides there are good basketball games to stay up late and watch tonight.

Well, I supposedly only have one week left. It hardly seems like it's been 9 months, but then it also hardly seems possible that it has been less than 2 years too! I can hardly even remember telling our families that I was pregnant. I watched A Baby Story yesterday on TLC (I know as I've said before - not a good show to watch when you're pregnant) and it was really good. It made me cry. I am ready to hold Julianna in my arms instead of in my belly. I am getting nervous about the pain of labor though. People keep telling me that I need to go walk, but I just don't want to go walk. I will worry about that next Thursday when I still haven't had the baby.

I can definitely tell that my contractions are getting longer, but they're still no more than 10 seconds or so and they don't hurt. Just my back. Sorry to be full of complaints lately! I know that this is no fun to read, but maybe I will have more news tomorrow.

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