Thursday, March 23, 2006

please make the phone stop ringing!

No baby yet. :( But my counter is cool today. I wonder what it will say tomorrow? I did start having some contractions yesterday evening though. They were not long and not very intense so I know I still have a while, but at least it is a sign of things progressing. Plus I didn't have any while I was sleeping or else they weren't strong enough to wake me up. I have been taking my blood pressure regularly and it has been relatively normal. My kids at school are still surprised to see me each day. I just hope that I will know for sure when it is time to go home or go to the hospital. I'm sure I will, but I am still nervous about it. You just can't help but worry sometimes.
Our phone is still ringing off the hook. It would make it impossible to get anything done if I were trying to when I got home from school. We are going to have to turn the ringer off after we get home from the hospital. My sister stayed up last night cooking for a lady she works with that just had a baby and the whole time she kept exclaiming, "Stupid pregos! All these pregnant people I have to do stuff for!" I just thought it was really funny. But it just shows how people are nice. It is good to be hospitable. he he Today is teacher goodie day in the break room. yum, yum :)

OK, I am starting to ramble and I need to get some stuff done. More tomorrow...

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