Monday, July 31, 2006

spit up and smiles

i've had a crummy evening. the spit up was flying. i mean little J hardly wore an outfit for more than ten minutes from 4:30 until 7pm. finally i decided to let her just wear her diaper since it was almost bathtime. well, we went through a dozen washcloths, ten more burpcloths, and even some paper towels. and my kitchen was a wreck. i feel like i clean it every day although i know i don't. anyway, i was bummed. *sigh*

the funny thing is all i have to do is spend six or seven quality minutes with my little girl and get her to smile at me and i forget about being bummed. life starts over.

the. last. monday.

today is the. last. monday. the last monday i have at home for my summer/maternity leave. as a matter of fact, it's the last week. i am sad. i know that it will just take some time and i will be used to leaving her after just a few weeks, but for now i am sad. wwwaaaahhhhhh. wah.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

chocolate cake

little J is asleep. it is nice that she takes good naps now. so i can catch up on my blog-reading. ha ha.

but seriously, big J and i were just talking about possible names for the new blog and seeing how i love chocolate so much, "chocolate cake" was a suggested name. well, that lead to a discussion about baking a chocolate cake while little J was napping.

he said, "i suppose i could go make one. although i've never made one before."

"what?! you've never made a cake before?"

"no, i'm a man. that's the woman's job."

"well, have you ever made brownies?"


"cookies?... from scratch?"

"no" now he's in there messing up the kitchen making brownies. *sigh*

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