My name is Courtney. I am married to a bea-U-tiful man named Jonathan. We live in North Carolina with the little girl (Julianna Valeigh), a beloved son (Joshua William), our cat (Simon), and our Boykin Spaniel (Light, short for Twilight).

I was a middle school computer teacher for six and a half years. For the past two years I've been working as a substitute teacher and before that I tried working from home dabbling in a little tutoring, some web stuff, and helping my father with his various investment sundries.

I love, love, love teaching. The hours, the social interaction, the regularity and predictibility of having a set schedule, and *ahhhhhhh* the summers... but mostly I want to be home with my kids and the more than full-time hours I was working didn't quite mesh well with the part-time hours of childcare and preschool. So I'll be taking some time off from teaching until all of the child-birthing is done.

I started this website in April 2007. For a while I worked on my school's website with another teacher. But as far as personal sites go, before this one I had a more educational and not-so-fun website used mostly for my classes. I started my own blog on that site in October of 2005 and then started using blogger to separate my classroom stuff from my personal life.

As many people will say about blogging, I found it quite therapuetic to keep a live public journal. I transferred all of the archives from the other sites so you can read through my journey (and laugh - oh you will laugh - at the pathetic-ness of the things I used to write about). So everything goes back about three years beginning when I was 4 months pregnant, through when quit work, and all the way to today. In April 2007 I decided to start up this new place (A is for Beautiful) and I am very excited about what all I can do with it. I hope you like it!

I love chips and salsa, dark chocolate, the Food Network, and good commercials (especially those with catchy jingles). Read more about me here.

I’m thankful for the early mornings a toddler brings. I’m thankful for the mess and dirt, for cars with squeaky brakes. I’m thankful for that extra roll of fat I gained and for temper tantrums. I’m thankful for every bit of it. This is the story of my life.

This website is dedicated to and named after my mother's mother, which you can read about in this post.
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