Wednesday, July 22, 2015


"Mom, remember at Wings at the beach how they had all those little glasses with people's names on them?"
"Well, how did they know who's name to put on there?"


"There's all these bubbles under water. It's like you're swimming through jello!"


"Mom, why does the day go by so fast when you're at the beach? Why does it go by so slow when I'm at school?"


Josh's cousin was crying. He covered his ears and said, "I don't want to hear the mandrakes!"


"Mom, I've never had a brother. When can I have one?"
"Probably not ever, Josh."
"So your tummy isn't feeling weird?"


"Mom, when I get to be an adult is Jules going to be retired?"


"How old will Jane be when you're ten?"
"Good. How old will she be when you're eight?"
"That's right! Now how old will Jane's baby sister be when you're ten?"
(thinks a long time) "Four."
"How old will I be when you're twenty?"



Beth Cotell said...

Dead! Ha! That made me lol!

RLR said...

"The mandrakes" made me laugh!

Vincent Smith said...

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