Monday, November 20, 2006

ponderings from the queen of the snot house

i had a great weekend this past weekend and it’s not too bad that it’s Monday since i only have two more days ‘til we head to the beach. i think my mom and dad are going to take the little girl on down to the beach with them tomorrow since i’ll have to stay back and work which will be a little scary (but i have to admit exciting too) being without her on a four hour trip to the beach. we’ve taken two or three 4-hour car trips with her since she’s been born and she’s done great in the past. i am interested to see though how that will change now that she stays awake for much longer periods of time. i hope it won’t be too bad for Nanna and Papaw!

well, i'm not feeling too well and the little girl is still congested from whatever started as a result of her flu shot. neither one of us is sleeping very soundly because of it. i think for little J it’s just really hard for to breathe at night (although that’s not stopping her from wanting to walk all over the place during the day with snot dripping along her path…)

she is becoming more and more mobile. she has been working on her army crawl over the past couple of days as well as still trying to learn to regular-crawl. of course, she really prefers to be up walking by holding our hands, but she can go really fast now holding on with just one hand and she is making progress with the crawling. i dread it, but i also encourage her to learn.

anyway, we saw some good friends of ours briefly this past weekend which was nice. they were in town from Florida and i think we’re going to try to plan a beach trip with them sometime in the next couple of months so that the little girls can play together.

oh and i need to tell you Oh Friends of the Internet that i finally set another weight-loss/exercise goal. (if i don’t put it out there, i’ll never do it.) i am going to start running/dieting again whenever my sister-in-law has her baby. she’s due at the end of December, but of course can go into labor any time now and i just needed to pick a date to start so that’s what i came up with. plus maybe if she's trying to lose weight then too, maybe she will provide some inspiration. if it’s not after Christmas well then… oh well then… i’ll at least start exercising and then work on the diet more after the new year.

so anyway, that’s all i’ve got today. sorry to bore you.

Friday, November 17, 2006

time keeps on ticking... ticking...

i have so much free time now that i’m done with my online class, i cannot stand it. [there was a lot of sarcasm in that statement, in case you didn’t know.] i took little J to get her first dose of flu shot on Tuesday morning and by that evening she was running a fever and she didn’t sleep well at all that night. to top it off, the next morning the cat came in looking like this:

the picture doesn't do it justice. he had a softball size lump sticking out of the side of his face. it was a busy day Wednesday with a staff meeting that i volunteered to lead half of and a sick cat and baby to tend to; plus i was going on very little sleep since Jules kept us up a lot of the night. by last night i had called the doctor about little J’s fever and since they told me to take her temperature rectally i had to rush home and figure out how to do that. nope, never done it before, but knew i’d have to figure it out sooner or later. i knew that a low grade fever after the shot was normal but i didn’t know what constituted a low grade fever.

anyway, her temperature was 102 degrees and she was getting pretty congested so i called and the after hours nurse told me that we had been giving her the wrong dose of children’s Tylenol. we’d been giving her 0.4 ml and were supposed to be giving 1.2 ml! who knew?! why don’t they print that mess on the bottle instead of just saying “For children under 24 pounds contact a physician”?! so we finally got the right amount of medicine in her and she started to feel a little better you could tell. she slept better last night even though she still cried out every hour or so.

so about the cat - i called the vet this morning and had to take him in as soon as possible. the vet put him on antibiotics and told us to give it 24 hours. if the swelling doesn’t go down by the morning we’ll have to take him in first thing and get him anesthetized and the wound lacerated (wow! that sounds fun) so nothing else gets infected. by the way, the vet said it was obviously from another cat’s bite. so yeah. lots of free time since i turned in my final exam. i'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

i’ve gotten the suitcases out to start packing for the beach, but nothing has made it in them. only three more days of work. yippee!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the holiday season has begun

yesterday Julianna got the first dose of the flu shot. she was fine all afternoon, but she was awake most of the night last night. when she wasn't tossing and turning she was crying out in her sleep. i stayed in her room and watched her some and it was so pitiful. she was obviously not feeling well. she started running a low fever and i have been giving her Tylenol, but her nose is running this morning and her eyes are watering too. i am going to keep an eye on her and if she's not better tomorrow then i will make a doctor's appointment. :( it's so sad to have a baby that doesn't feel well. i hope she doesn't get sick any other time this winter. besides this episode she hasn't ever really been sick her whole life.

on a happier note, we had Thanksgiving with part of the family on Saturday. we got some cute pictures of little J on the tractors at big J's grandmother's house and of course we had good food. we are going to the beach with the other part of the family next week so i'm sure we'll get some more cute Thanksgiving pictures and more good food. it's nice to stretch it out instead of rushing from house to house. plus we get to spread out eating the yummy food instead of cramming it in all in one day like some families do. we don't usually have Thanksgiving together with my family so i am excited about being at the beach longer with them too instead of the usual 3 days. so now the countdown is on. only 6 more days! the holiday season has officically begun! maybe i'll start playing some Christmas music!

Monday, November 13, 2006

i'm back

well i haven’t been around the last two weeks because i’ve been trying to spend the time i would usually be blogging on the work for my online class. the plan didn’t work as well as i thought it would because i still didn’t put a whole lot of time into the class, but at least i got it finished. i turned in my final exam on Friday and i got an 86% on it. not too terribly bad for someone who only took about 30 minutes on it. anyway, the class was fun and i learned a lot so i’m glad i did it, but i also now know that it’s a lot to handle during the school year. i didn't expect it to but it caused me major unnecessary stress (because of all of the deadlines) even though it was a class i was taking just for fun.


i promised cute baby pictures and here they are.

Jules has been trying to learn to crawl…

and she's figuring out how to use the computer...

she's also already been having fun playing dress up...

her daddy still puts her to bed every night...

and she's had a lot of fun playing in the leaves!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

i promise i haven't died

i'm sorry i have disappeared for a few days. i told myself that i wouldn't blog until i'd caught up with the work for my online class. i am almost there. it has been hard, but i only have two more lessons and then the final exam. i'll be back soon.

and oohhhhhh i've got some cute baby pictures to show you! :)
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