Monday, November 13, 2006

i'm back

well i haven’t been around the last two weeks because i’ve been trying to spend the time i would usually be blogging on the work for my online class. the plan didn’t work as well as i thought it would because i still didn’t put a whole lot of time into the class, but at least i got it finished. i turned in my final exam on Friday and i got an 86% on it. not too terribly bad for someone who only took about 30 minutes on it. anyway, the class was fun and i learned a lot so i’m glad i did it, but i also now know that it’s a lot to handle during the school year. i didn't expect it to but it caused me major unnecessary stress (because of all of the deadlines) even though it was a class i was taking just for fun.


i promised cute baby pictures and here they are.

Jules has been trying to learn to crawl…

and she's figuring out how to use the computer...

she's also already been having fun playing dress up...

her daddy still puts her to bed every night...

and she's had a lot of fun playing in the leaves!

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