Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the holiday season has begun

yesterday Julianna got the first dose of the flu shot. she was fine all afternoon, but she was awake most of the night last night. when she wasn't tossing and turning she was crying out in her sleep. i stayed in her room and watched her some and it was so pitiful. she was obviously not feeling well. she started running a low fever and i have been giving her Tylenol, but her nose is running this morning and her eyes are watering too. i am going to keep an eye on her and if she's not better tomorrow then i will make a doctor's appointment. :( it's so sad to have a baby that doesn't feel well. i hope she doesn't get sick any other time this winter. besides this episode she hasn't ever really been sick her whole life.

on a happier note, we had Thanksgiving with part of the family on Saturday. we got some cute pictures of little J on the tractors at big J's grandmother's house and of course we had good food. we are going to the beach with the other part of the family next week so i'm sure we'll get some more cute Thanksgiving pictures and more good food. it's nice to stretch it out instead of rushing from house to house. plus we get to spread out eating the yummy food instead of cramming it in all in one day like some families do. we don't usually have Thanksgiving together with my family so i am excited about being at the beach longer with them too instead of the usual 3 days. so now the countdown is on. only 6 more days! the holiday season has officically begun! maybe i'll start playing some Christmas music!

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