Monday, November 20, 2006

ponderings from the queen of the snot house

i had a great weekend this past weekend and it’s not too bad that it’s Monday since i only have two more days ‘til we head to the beach. i think my mom and dad are going to take the little girl on down to the beach with them tomorrow since i’ll have to stay back and work which will be a little scary (but i have to admit exciting too) being without her on a four hour trip to the beach. we’ve taken two or three 4-hour car trips with her since she’s been born and she’s done great in the past. i am interested to see though how that will change now that she stays awake for much longer periods of time. i hope it won’t be too bad for Nanna and Papaw!

well, i'm not feeling too well and the little girl is still congested from whatever started as a result of her flu shot. neither one of us is sleeping very soundly because of it. i think for little J it’s just really hard for to breathe at night (although that’s not stopping her from wanting to walk all over the place during the day with snot dripping along her path…)

she is becoming more and more mobile. she has been working on her army crawl over the past couple of days as well as still trying to learn to regular-crawl. of course, she really prefers to be up walking by holding our hands, but she can go really fast now holding on with just one hand and she is making progress with the crawling. i dread it, but i also encourage her to learn.

anyway, we saw some good friends of ours briefly this past weekend which was nice. they were in town from Florida and i think we’re going to try to plan a beach trip with them sometime in the next couple of months so that the little girls can play together.

oh and i need to tell you Oh Friends of the Internet that i finally set another weight-loss/exercise goal. (if i don’t put it out there, i’ll never do it.) i am going to start running/dieting again whenever my sister-in-law has her baby. she’s due at the end of December, but of course can go into labor any time now and i just needed to pick a date to start so that’s what i came up with. plus maybe if she's trying to lose weight then too, maybe she will provide some inspiration. if it’s not after Christmas well then… oh well then… i’ll at least start exercising and then work on the diet more after the new year.

so anyway, that’s all i’ve got today. sorry to bore you.

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