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Jonathan and I met my sophomore year on the campus of NC State University. Although it was more than ten years ago now I remember it like it was yesterday. My roommate knew a few of his friends and somehow we met them as we were walking down the steps to the dining hall one night before dinner near the beginning of the school year. I quickly nicknamed him CTO and we went on our first date 12.19.97. We dated all throughout college, moved home, got jobs, and then got married on 10.19.02. For our five year anniversary we spent some time in New York City. Jonathan is a dedicated, hard-working, and very giving husband. I wouldn't trade him for the world.


Jules was thought about and planned for long before she was born. She arrived at 5:38 am on 03.25.06 weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and with her bottom lip pooched all the way out to China. You can read her birth story here.  She was two days late, but it was a relatively easy pregnancy and for that I am thankful. Julianna has made our lives more than we ever thought they could be. She brings us joy in new ways every day and she helps us find value in things we used to take for granted frequently.


Simon was a stray cat that somehow climbed up in part of the car when we went for a visit at Jonathan's dad's. At the time, Jonathan was living in our house and I was living with my parents until we got married and he occasionally got a little lonely. He decided to keep the little orange kitty. Early on Simon loved to ride in the car. He would even make the 25 minute ride to my parent's house to see me. One time he somehow got the Christmas stockings down off our mantel. He's since grown out of those phases and now he mopes, moans, and grumbles about how much he has been neglected and abused since the kids were born and the dog arrived.
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