Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a little chipper today

What a good mood I am in this morning! It's probably because I slept really well last night. No leg cramps and not too hot, but I did go pee the usual four times. I always heard about pregnant women being so hot all of the time, but I thought it wouldn't be like for me because I am so cold natured, but boy was I wrong! I guess it's a combination of the quick weather change and all the extra fat I have because I have been burning up for like the last week! Anyway, I have my doctor's appointment this morning so we'll see how that goes. I know that I have gained some weight since last week. Probably a couple pounds. I think I am up 36.5 since I first went to the doctor. Oh well. I will get it off eventually. I finally had to take my wedding rings off because my fingers are so swollen. :( Mom and I seem to think that Julianna has dropped more although I don't think that Jonathan or Whit think so. When I feel the contractions now they feel a little lower than they were. I'm betting that she'll arrive on March 26th, but whenever she comes I hope she is safe and healthy. Jonathan has a busy week at work this week and next so hopefully it will be the 24th or after...

I took the ottoman for the glider back to Babies 'R Us yesterday and they replaced it for me. I also took some more of the 0 - 3 months clothes back and exchanged them for bigger sizes. A lady at the store asked when I was due and I was able to say, "next week" which was cool. :) Yesterday I also worked on school stuff all morning getting the files together on CD for my substitute. I was able to buy a wedding shower gift that I was needing to buy yesterday afternoon.

Goals for today: doctor, lunch with Whit, birth announcements, clean the bathroom, thank you notes, and whatever else I can accomplish... fun stuff! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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