Friday, March 24, 2006

yes, i'm still here

No baby yet. :( One day past due date... Although it is Friday and it is my last day of school. I have told my principal and the secretaries that I will not be here starting Monday (crossing my fingers that I will either have a baby by then or that they will have scheduled me to be induced). In all I think I will miss 45 days of work (9 weeks). Hopefully I will get two weeks at full pay and then the next four or five at 40% pay. That is good because then I will only have a few with no pay at all. Everyone around me at school keeps coming and checking on me which is nice too.

Yesterday afternoon I felt pretty bad. I actually called the doctor when I got home because my belly felt really really tight and I wasn't sure if I was having one long contraction or what. They just told me to go lay down, put my hand on my belly to feel if it was contracting, drink a big glass of water, and go to the hospital if my contractions got to five minutes apart. Anyway, I just think that the nurse thought I was confusing braxton hicks contractions with real ones, but I don't think I was. I just think I was feeling really tired and crummy. Oh well. I slept great and feel much better now.

I have spent the entire morning finishing up last minute things for my sub. I should have been resting, but I kept thinking of things that I needed to do. I feel good about how I am leaving things for her though so at least I won't have to worry about that. Plus it is good that Jonathan is finished with all of his big stuff this week at work today as of noon. As I have said, God has good timing.

This weekend (if I'm not at the hospital) I am going to go to the pediatrics place for a prenatal class. Otherwise I am just going to sleep and rest.

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