Wednesday, May 11, 2011

belated blogger

I haven't made time for this here blog thingy lately, but I'm going to try to do so now.  And I have a lot of posts I've never gotten around to writing so bear with me while I try to re-cap some of the past events of the last few weeks around here.

We had a fabulous Easter.  We ran from place to place beginning with our nephew's first birthday party, church, and then Jonathan's grandmother's house for Easter lunch where we also celebrated Dalford's 80th birthday. 

It was a beautiful weekend here and we enjoyed spending time in the sunshine after we ate.

While the men inspected the outside of Memama's house, Travis and Jennifer hid Easter eggs for Julianna to find.

Eventually, we came across a little frog which fascinated both kids. They chased it through the pineneedles.

I hope your Easter was as fabulous as ours!

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