Monday, May 23, 2011

nineteen months

Dear Joshua,

Yesterday you turned 19 months old.  Sometimes I think you look much older and other times I still see that plump little baby you were not so long ago.

Your father and I have had a few moments this month where we've discussed and relished your "baby-ness."  What I mean is that we've taken some time to enjoy the baby things that you do and paused a few moments to appreciate how much you need us, depend on us, and just how precious your little self is.  We know that you're the last baby we're going to have and you're growing so fast that we have to make ourselves stop and not take it for granted.  It's true what everyone says about how the time seems to pass by a lot faster with the second child.

At any rate, you've accomplished a lot this month.  Your vocabulary is still expanding rapidly and you've started speaking in two and three word sentences so much that it's gotten hard for us to keep up with all you know how to tell us.  It seems like every evening one of us will say, "Well, Josh said such-and-such today," or "I heard him say..."  It's rather amazing actually, that you can go from not knowing two or three ones one day and then the next day you've learned those three words and how to use them properly.

Indeed, this has taught you how to say "candy":

With the onslaught of warmer weather we've had the past couple of days you have quickly taught yourself how to put on your own Crocs (and sometimes flip-flops as well) and you can often be found walking around our house in just a t-shirt, diaper, and two mismatched Crocs.

I am proud to say that you have gotten a little better with your calorie consumption items other than goldfish and milk.  You've even eaten a hot dog or two!  Watch out, world!  Next thing you know we'll be asking Josh to back off from eating so many plates full of squash and tomatoes and drinking smoothies packed with spinach.

Josh, you've been learning a lot of things lately.  One day we realized that you'd learned how to count to six.  You only join in on the even numbers, but still. That totally qualifies as counting, right?

You also know some of your colors.  Your favorites are blue and pink and white.  It's funny when I put you to bed and I hand you your beloved "Baba" (which is blue) and you also demand Baba White (the other blanket we keep in your crib).

Some of your favorite things in the world are typical boy things like trucks, bulldozers, airplanes, and balls.  You hit, pinch, and bite when you don't get your way and you can eagerly ask, "Rough?" when Daddy comes home from work (meaning that you want to "play rough" in the floor with him).  You get cuts and bruises that just appear out of nowhere.

But you have a sweet, sweet spirit.  You give hugs immediately upon realizing you did something wrong and you can say, "I'm sorry" without prompting. You struggle with time-outs but we still try to use them to show you when you've misbehaved.

You love to sing "Elmo's World" with Daddy as you get dressed.  You shake your head back and forth quickly as you sing and smile so big it wouldn't fail to charm anyone.  This is one of the few things I wish I could bottle and keep forever.

It still remains that whatever your sister does, you follow closely behind copying every move.  And you know what?  If you turn out half as great as Doodlebug, you will certainly make me proud.  Of course, I already am proud, Joshua.  You've made me one very proud Mama.

Love you, buddy!


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