Friday, May 13, 2011

packing it all in

The day before Mother's Day, Jonathan had gone shooting again with some co-workers so I headed to the Y with the kids and then stopped by my mom's house.  She lives downtown, very close to the area in which they were holding the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event again this year.

We walked in the race one year before and since I wasn't doing it this year, the kids and I waited at their house for my mom and dad to get back.  After they got there we got to spend a rare precious half hour with my dad out in the streets at the after race events.

There was the percussion department from the School of the Arts playing all sorts of drums.  Josh was mesmerized!  They let him join in but he was so transfixed on the people that he wouldn't actually beat the drum himself and Pap had to move his hand up and down to get him to play.

Then we went over to the giant bubble pool.  I signed a quick waiver and let Julianna jump right in.  She had a blast until she slipped and fell on her knees.

If anyone knows my dad, you know that he couldn't stay out of that pool for long so soon enough he and Josh had climbed in as well.

After our fun outside we went shopping with my mom and my dad headed to work.  Before he went, mom asked him if she could have some money for lunch so Julianna walked right up behind her and said, "Pap, can I have ten dollars too?"  Naturally, grandpa handed over the funds and we were on our way.

It was really nice to have some carefree time without any place to hurry off to.  I hadn't been just "shopping" for no specific purpose in a long time and it was realy good to spend that time with my mom and kids.  I got a new belt and a new pair of shorts which I am excited about.  I can't wait to wear shorts every day this summer.

Julianna purchased a tacky nice new set of fake fingernails with her money and she was so excited to put them on when we got back to my mom's house.  I got a couple of cute new tops for her as well.

We were able to make lunch off of the samples they were giving out at Sam's and Josh repeatedly asked for "more cheese."  It was adorable.

When we came home, Josh napped at Nanna's while Jules and I went back to the Y for a short swim.  I've been worrying about how I can handle both kids at the beach by myself this summer and while I still recognize that it's going to be difficult, this trip to the Y reassured me that Julianna really is pretty self-sufficient in the water.  We'll be fine.

After Josh woke up we rushed home to shower and head to church.  That evening Jonathan's sisters came over for dinner and the cousins all had a good time playing together.  We wrapped up the night around the fire pit.

I love days like this where you get to spend quality time with family and don't really have any plans you just kind of see what happens.  It ended up being a really good day and I'm looking forward to another one like it.

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