Sunday, June 3, 2012

go for the gold

Last night was Julianna's gymnastics exhibition.  Sorry my pictures are not great because I forgot the real camera.  It was much better than last year since she actually did show some gymnastics skills.  Last year when she was in the preschool class she basically just played on an obstacle course-type circuit.  Last night she did a small routine on each apparatus.

She did great on the bars.  She got some one on one attention with a coach for that event because the other girls lined up at another set of bars (I'm assuming because she was a lot taller, but I don't really know why).

She also did beam, floor, and a vault-type routine using the big gymnastics foamy block things.

She might not take gymnastics last year, but I'm glad she finished out the year in it even though she didn't want to.  She's going to venture into Karate this summer and see how she likes that.  At any rate, I'm super proud of her. Yay, Jules!  We love you, girl!

I can't wait for the Olympics this summer! Will you be watching?

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