Monday, June 11, 2012

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We went to Which Wich sometime recently and it was YUM!  Winston-Salem just got with the program and got a yummy little slice of deliciousness by adding this restaurant for us.  Can't wait until the Trader Joe's gets here.

We also went to a free event at the library the other day and saw an hour of a lady making balloon animals.  They were actually pretty cool and I have to admit that I coveted the big pink flamingo.  After the show was over they "auctioned" off the balloon creatures by drawing names and both Julianna and Joshua got to take one home.  There were approximately 40 kids there so I thought that was pretty lucky.  Josh's name was called first and he chose a giant penguin.

Julianna's name was chosen close to last and she got stuck with the typical balloon poodle.  She was sad, to say the least.  I assured her there would be plenty of balloon animal entertaining events to come.

For the rest of the weekend we pretty much did nothing.

And one more thing: this is awesome.

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