Sunday, June 24, 2012


The kids and I were in a chaotic Harris Teeter the other day (thanks to Super Doubles) and Josh pointed to a box of tampons and loudly declared, "I want one of those, Mama!"


Julianna was asking about mine and Jonathan's grandparents one day in the car and I was telling her about some that had died and some that were still alive.  Not to be left out of any conversation these days, Josh piped up and asked, "Mom, did I already got married?"

Julianna was faster at replying than I was so I just let her go ahead and answer.  She said, "No, Josh! Mama and Daddy are married and you're not married and I'm not married.  I have to get a kiss first and then I'll be married and you have to get a kiss first and then you'll be married."


One night we made a cake much to my dismay (because I really didn't want to have a whole cake sitting in my kitchen but Julianna persisted).  The kids were licking the spoons per usual.  I told Julianna to look at her brother.  His face was covered in chocolate cake batter.  She didn't miss a beat and said, "Oh, can I lick him?!"


Jonathan told Josh to come feel how soft his face was one morning after he'd just shaved.  Josh, of course asked, "Why?"  Jonathan told him that he'd shaved his beard and Josh said, "I have a beard too, Daddy."  Jonathan said, "You will."  Josh argued back, "No, I have a beard right now."  When Jonathan asked him where he pointed between his eyes and said, "Right here!"


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