Friday, October 3, 2014

happy friday! my current thoughts on distance running

There are 42 days until my marathon. I'm honestly at the point where I'm really tired of running. I had an awesome race last weekend at the Salem Lake 30k Trail Run and I still have 4 pretty big long runs left if you count race day. I'm just feeling burnt out though. With 6 weeks left, I know I can do it.

This weekend we're going to the mountains for a day. It should be fun but a huge climate adjustment because the high temps here this week have all been in the low 80s and the high temp in the mountains this weekend is 48 degrees.  We're leaving after my 20 mile run on Saturday so I hope my legs don't die and fall off from riding in the car after that.

So I've been extremely stressed lately and skipping my short runs and that's lead to more stress, pitiful sleep, and lots of emotional eating. I completed the DietBet last month and lost 10.5 pounds but I feel the loss of control setting back in and I'm trying to get back on track.  I've finally figured out that I CAN lose weight while training for a marathon but I just have to really be careful with my calorie intake on either side of my Saturday runs. Anyway, here's to getting back on a better track tomorrow!

What are you up to this weekend? 

Any runner's out there struggle with fueling long runs and maintaining a balance with your weight?


Beth Cotell said...

Good luck with your 20 mile run this weekend!

RLR said...

Hang in there! And enjoy the mountains!

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