Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last Sunday Jonathan had to take something to his Dad's house after church and when they got there everyone was sitting down to eat so the kids went to the cousin's table and Jonathan sat down with all of the adults.

In the middle of the meal the adults were talking but a few of them overheard a conversation going on at the kids' table as well. One of the oldest says, "Well, I'm in second grade and she's in third grade and he's in first grade..." Josh immediately pipes up with, "And I'm in college!"


I put a roasted cabbage slice on Josh's plate.

"I'm not gonna eat that, Mom."
"Dad, I don't want that."
"OK, but do I have to eat that."
"What's that stuff on it?"
"I'm not eating it."
"How much to I have to eat?"
"Oh.... yum."


"Mom, when we get home can I use your cabletail?"
"My what?"
"You know that weight thing? That cabillpell? I want to get stronger"
"Ohhhh the kettle bell? Yeah sure."


We were cooking dinner. The kids were helping prep everything and beginning to set the table and sure enough, a fight breaks out between the two of them over something ridiculous. I'm chopping cabbage so without thinking I said the first thing I could think of to distract them from their petty argument. Big mistake there.

I tell them how cabbage leaves can stop milk production in a mother's breasts when her baby doesn't need it anymore. Why oh why in the world I told them that I really don't know, but I did. So then I decided I better explain again that we don't talk about our private parts outside of the privacy of the doctor's office or our home.

The first thing Josh says when Jonathan walks in the door? "Dad, did you know that sometimes mommies put lettuce on their boobs to make the milk stop coming out?"


Walking into the pantry Josh exclaimed, "Mom! You've got to see this! We've got to get a lot more stuff! We can go get the groceries I want! There's this huge space right here that we can fill up!"

Julianna quickly answered, "No, Josh! That's where the crock pot goes!"


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