Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Chapter 1: and I think I'll call him George

Julianna was dying from the plague and lying on the couch one day several weeks ago while my mom stayed with her.  She sat up and said, "Nanna, do you want to know what I'm going to name my baby if I ever get one?"

Of course, Nanna wanted to know.

Julianna replied Butterball and Rosebud if it's a girl.


Chapter 2: I hope her teacher doesn't read this blog

Julianna told me the other day that she'd had a sub at school for two days that week and that they would have her again tomorrow.  It was all well and good because she has had the sub before and likes her a lot.  Their classroom Teacher's Assistant was still there those days despite the lead teacher being out.

She said, "I wish it was Ms. -- [assistant] who was out instead of Ms. --."  When I asked why she explained that Ms. -- [assistant] had good ears, she could hear when Julianna was in the back of the room talking to Greyson.  The funniest part was when she explained that Ms. -- simply wasn't good at anything.


Chapter 3: A Doo Doo Baby?

I was talking to Joshua's teacher one day last week and for some reason mentioned that he turned two in October.  She asked which day in October because her daughter was born on October 12th.  When I responded that his birthday was October 22nd she said, "Oh well my daughter wasn't due until the 20th but she was born on the 12th."  I said, "Josh was a due date baby.  He was due on the 22nd."

I continued to talk to her for a bit and Josh kept interrupting trying to get my attention.  I kept asking him to hold on just a minute while I talked with her.  Finally, he grabbed my cheeks and turned my face to him and said, "What's a Doo Doo baby?"

It took both the teacher and I a bit of time to figure out what he was saying adn when we finally understood I told him that he was a due date baby because he was born on the day the doctor's said he would be born on.  He still looked at me with major confusion, but one day he'll understand.

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