Thursday, March 8, 2012

as they say, stressed spelled backwards is desserts

Over the last several months I have found myself under so much stress that it has often reminded me of how confused I would be when I was younger and my parents would say that they were dealing with intense stress.  I really didn't understand the concept of stress when I was a child, but I most certainly understand it now.  Working a seemingly hopeless full-time job and running twenty five miles a week (plus shuttling kids and cooking dinner) has taken it's toll on me and I've vegged out on Pinterest for more hours than I care to share on my blog.  Needless to say, I was relieved to open and dive into Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, the next BlogHer Book Club selection as it looked like some mindless "chick lit."  Just what the doctor ordered.

I plowed through the book very quickly and it was an easy enough read.  I read more than 150 pages one Saturday after my long run and it was the perfect way to recover physically and mentally from my week.  At times I was chuckling about the high school art teacher's adventures with love and friendship. 

That being said, I finished the book over a week ago and at this point I'm having trouble remembering anything that it was about.  Considering the memory test is often one of my best rules of judgement on a book or movie's worth, that is definitely not a good thing.

Anyway, I do remember that I was annoyed in the beginning because too many of the characters seemed to have alliterative names like "Lilly Lane" and "Mason McKenzie" but I got over it I suppose and I do love how the book ended.  So that's another good thing.

If you have the spare time or just need a fun fluff book to read this summer then pick up a copy of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl and if you finish it sooner rather than later then here's the link for the discussion over at BlogHer.  Come join us!

**This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

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