Thursday, March 29, 2012

things I learned from training for and running 13.1 miles

  • The event itself is a lot like Christmas.  Runner's high is amazing.  You also get the blues the week after the race is over.  I haven't felt "down" in months.  Just about three days after the race was over I started feeling like my best friend died.  I didn't run for the whole week after and I missed it so much.  I missed the schedule, the routine, the free time to just think.
  • I'm kinder to my children when I have "me time" away from them.  I started losing my patience with both kids a lot quicker the week after the half marathon.  It must be good to be away from them 25 miles/week.
  • I make some funny faces when I run.

  • I am a much nicer person in general when I make myself go to bed at nine o'clock each night because I'm getting up early to run most mornings.  I have no self-discipline to go to bed early when I don't HAVE to run the next morning.

  • My family makes some darn good cheerleaders.
  • It's a lot easier to decide what to eat when you know you don't have a 10 mile run scheduled for the next few days.

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1 comment:

Bethany said...

congrats!! and all those things are so true, it really does shift a lot of things doesn't it? i need to get back to running so my kids get a more patient mom ...

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