Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I may have mentioned before that I love making lists. I often have so many lists going at once that I lose track of what I'm suposed to be doing and then I inevitably leave one or two items on one list and move on to the next list leaving those few "undone" things forgotten. It's frustrating because I seem to go in circles, never getting anything done.

Well, sometime this past weekend I decided that I wanted to try to become more organized. I think that if I start with all of my lists I will become, in general, a better person. I want to eat less, exercise more, be more productive, spend less, etc. I realized that I needed a system to get rid of all my lists. So I bought a big dry erase board and I'm going to hang it up somewhere that I will see it everyday. (I haven't decided where yet - any suggestions?) On the board I put three sections. One is for a list of things I must get done that day. The second section is for the list of things that I need to get done soon (as in a few days or one week). The third section is for the things that I want to get done but are not high priority. I hope this helps me get my lists under control and get more things done.

Anyway, here's a peak at what's on my "soon" list this week.

  • sweep the kitchen

  • vacuum the den

  • do some laundry

  • begin this month's book club book

  • put Julianna's too-small clothes away

  • start wrapping Christmas gifts

  • go through and throw out old magazines

Also, I am pondering how the English words "to" and "do" run together to make the Spanish word "todo" which means all or everything. Am I the only one who finds this sadly amusing?

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Kelly said...

Oh Courtney, we are WAY too much alike! I have to go finish my list of my lists, and maybe then I will have time to get something done that is on one of those lists.....

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