Thursday, July 31, 2008

heaven on in earth

Today Julianna got to do something that she's been longing to do all month. When we first got to the beach and we first rode down Highway 17 and Julianna first laid her eyes on <a href="">Planet Hollywood </a>you would have thought it was Christmas morning for all the squealing that took place in our car. Ever since that day she's exclaimed in her deepest Southern accent, "Look ya'll!" every time we've driven by that place. We've had to promise her over and over again that we'd take her there one day. Of course we all speculated that it was going to be a huge disappointment to her since it's really just a restaurant, but nevertheless she still wanted to go even when we explained that little fact to her. She would call Daddy on the telephone and tell him excitedly that she wanted him to come to the beach and take her to "Planet Earth." And today was her day.

<img src="" alt="We're going to Planet Earth!" />

Actually, when we pulled in the parking lot we saw a parked cop car and a policeman escorting a man wearing a shirt and tie out the back door in handcuffs. So yeah, that was interesting.

Anyway, we first went in the gift shop area since my dad wanted us to buy Jules an overpriced T-shirt. Unfortunately, they don't sell kids T-shirts and the $10 ones were sold out in size Small. Besides, Julianna didn't care much she just wanted to go on in the place.

<img src="" alt="Daddy and Jules checking out the displays inside" />

When we did finally go in the restaurant, Jules was mighty impressed with the ceiling and all of the decorations. She especially liked the airplanes that were flying around and he Power Ranger character. We walked up the big staircase up to the bar area and he was craning her neck the entire time trying to absorb all of the stuff going on around her. She was enthralled.

<img src="" alt="checking out the ceiling" />

After we had seen it all we went outside, back down the huge front staircase and she was just smiling. We got to the bottom of the stairs and she immediately started dancing to the music that was playing over the speakers.

<img src="" alt="leaving the giant earth" />

A fun outing for a two year old and we didn't even spend a dime. Pretty nice.

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Courtney said...

I don't know how it's possible, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. LOVE the skirt. LOVE the pose. LOVE the dancing. ADORE the grin. I feel so lucky to have such a precious niece. NOW COME HOME ALREADY!

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