Thursday, November 6, 2008

Note to Self

Just a minute ago Julianna was eating yogurt and watching TV while I put some laundry in the washer. When I popped my head in the room she said, "I want you to put some earrings in my ears."

Which means she has to have holes in her ears. Which means she has to get her ears pierced. Which I swore would not happen until she was at least 6 or 7. Let's just say, I've made a note of it and leave it at that.


Courtney said...

just my opinion, I think sooner is better than later. Sara Beth was a you know what to hold down and she was 4 or 5. At least Jules is still small enough to hold tight. Good luck with that decision.

Courtney said...

If the good Lord had wanted holes in her ears....he would have put them there!

Courtney said...

LMAO Johnathan.....he sounds like dad. we didnt get ours done until i was in the 4th grade! and then it wasn't even mom OR dads idea....i dont know if you remember Gene Smith from Portland. he's the one that took me and britt without them knowing. ANYWAYS....i think you should wait.....let her get alittle say on it is that she's only a little girl for a short time....and we both know she's already growing up soooo fast! why maker her grow up any faster??? Totally your call though.. Love ya!

Courtney said...

OOHH...and do they still make clip ons?!?!?! lol i wore um'!

Courtney said...

so my parents told me i had to wait til i was 10 and then on my 9th bday they surprised me! it was awesome! and i was old enough to remember it all and the surprise behind it.

Courtney said...

Take her to do it if she keeps asking and, more than likely, she will back out at the last took Kalee almost a year to actually go through with it!!! And my dad would TOTALLY agree with the whole "God putting the holes there if they were meant to be" LOL!!!!

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