Thursday, October 1, 2009

another pregnancy update

I went to the doctor again today.  They didn't even check me for dilation or anything so it was a pretty uneventful visit which I guess can be considered a good thing.  I am still measuring normal and have normal blood pressure.  The baby's heart rate was down again this week to 140 bpm which the nurse told me could mean that the baby is descending into the birth canal.  Sometimes the heart rate drops at the end.  I've definitely been feeling some lower movements and more pressure... yippee...

I also found out the results of my group b strep test and this time it was negative.  It's rare that a woman tests positive for the first baby and then negative for the second, but after talking the options over with the doctor, I asked not to be put on IV antibiotics during delivery this time unless it was truly warranted (like if I had a fever or something).  If at all possible I want to avoid ever facing c diff again (I'd link to my blog post about that but I still haven't transferred it over from the old blog yet).  Anyway, he was very agreeable and I am so thankful.

Nothing else really to report except that I am feeling irritable and exhausted (what's new, right?).  I haven't been sleeping well AT ALL and I feel really yucky from my flu shot yesterday.  I am also really tired of working but know that we need the money so I keep taking jobs anyway.  The earliest date in our baby pool is October 15th and I don't even want to think about how I'll feel by then.

I just read Moxie's post on how to know when you're about to have a baby and am fascinated by the comments.

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Swistle said...

I will guess earlier! ...Oh, unless that would be discouraging too. Well, let's try! My guess is October 4th. That is the day my MIL is arriving, and it seems like the universe should balance that out with a happy arrival.

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