Monday, March 8, 2010


Things I love about my baby boy:
  • the dimples on his knuckles
  • the smell of his clean hair
  • the way he puts the bottoms of his feet together when he's laying on his back
  • his cottage cheese butt cheeks
  • the face he makes when tasting peaches
  • the way his right ear always folds forward
  • the extra rolls of fat in the cracks of his diaper
  • the way he giggles when tickled
  • his infectious enthusiasm in the bath tub
  • how he cranes his neck to see his sister (or the TV whichever happens to be closest)
  • the fact that he'll always be mine

1 comment:

amelie522 said...

I was just thinking of writing a post about my boy. He's a bit older than your little man, and reading your reflections, observations, made me yearn for those baby fat days. We're trying for #2 and I'm praying we'll be blessed with another beautiful child soon. I really liked this post for it's language and brevity, for in the brevity is the sweetness, the impact, and the joy. Well written! Thanks for the rumination on everything that makes this life worth living :)

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