Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I will never get a tattoo for lots and lots of reasons, but I still wonder... if I were to ever consider permanently marking up my body, what would I get tattooed and where?  What would you do?


SueMo said...

I can't commit to one either. There are few people that have them that love them 5 years later. Also interesting that many put them in places that they cannot see (i.e. back, shoulder, etc.)

If I ever did a non-permanent one for fun, it would be of Herve Villechaize.

jt said...

It could only be my kid's names. Although I think there is money to be had in temporary Herve tats. Thanks SueMo!

Nanna said...

Mine would be a droid!

merritt said...

I sorta want one just to be a rebel. But a super, super small one. Like maybe an "F" for Finn and subsequent kids. Brett would shoot me if I did. Or if I got a nose ring, which he had to stop me from doing while in India. :)

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