Wednesday, August 28, 2013

stories (alternate title: things Josh talks about before falling asleep)

On one of my last days at home for the summer the kids and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and I started a game with them.  I would quote a movie character and have them guess who it was. It worked pretty well because I could alternate between each child and as it was appropriate I could give them a different level of difficulty for each quote.

I called out several questions and they were getting them all right. Then I got to a question for Josh and I simply hollered out, "Scooooo-by Doooooby Doo!" in my best crazy dog voice.

Julianna and I died laughing when Joshua enthusiastically answered, "I know it! It's Tigger!"


Josh was telling me about how he decided he didn't want to grow up to be a firefighter anymore and that now he wants to be in a band because he likes musical instruments.  Julianna was quick to say, "Josh, you can't be in a band! You can't sing. I'm the one that can sing in this family!"

I was trying hard not to shatter dreams when I asked, "How do you know you can sing so well, Jules?"

She answered, "Because I sang Baby Jane a lullaby and she went to sleep, remember?"


I tell you, some of our best conversations happen in the car.  Josh asked me on the way home from school today why tornadoes could pick things up into the air.  I tried my best to explain and then he asked why God would make such a thing. Oh boy! That was a toughie to answer!  Yet he wasn't finished.  Next he asked how God could do that... "How did God learn to make tornadoes?"  Yikes.  I struggled through all of his questions and mostly I just told him that there's a lot about God that people really just don't understand and that nobody really knows all the answers.  Hopefully one day we will know.


Josh was supposed to be taking a nap at my parents house and after he'd talked to himself for a long long time he finally got quiet.  My dad said he was pretty sure he had finally gone to sleep but he didn't go check and instead headed up the stairs himself for a quick nap.  It wasn't long after that before he heard Joshua yell out, "OH HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!"


Trying to fall asleep one night in his bed Josh was talking to himself and he emphatically said, "Stupid teenagers!" Of course the funniest part is that he really had no idea what that meant.


Another night before bed Josh was singing "Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird" but instead he was replacing the word "Mockingbird" with pizza and struggling to find a word that rhymed with pizza for the next line.

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