Saturday, November 2, 2013


Whenever it's my turn to put Josh to bed he always asks me the same questions when I am leaving his room.  "When do I get to have someone sleep in my room?" and "Don't forget to take care of me!?" (yes that last one is in the form of a question)

One night earlier this week he was ready for my response to the first question.  He rushed to speak before I could get out of the room, "Mama, I already have somebody I love and want to marry. She's in this family and sometimes she's mean to me but I love her anyway. It's Jules!"


"Mom, tomorrow is Teddy's birthday. You need to make him a fake cake (Hey! That rhymes!) You know, because he's fake."

And yes, you CAN talk in parentheses.


Julianna has always wanted the boy prizes in the Happy Meals. She's always wanted the Pokemon cakes instead of the Hannah Montana ones. She's always asked for marshmallow shooters and bow and arrows instead of American Girl dolls and while she went through a small Disney Princess phase when she was three she has still mostly gravitated to the less girly toys.  Still, I heard her tell the nurse earlier this week at her check up that she was "ashamed" of her Halloween costume. When I asked why she said, "Because it's a boy costume!"


Nanna and Josh made cupcakes one day while we were at school and Josh wanted to save one of the beaters for Julianna to lick when she got home.


One day after nap time Josh told Nanna that he sucked on the edge of his blanket during quiet time. He told her he didn't like how it got all wet so he took his socks off and used them to dry it off.


Something was said one day about Disney World and my dad asked Josh if he was going to Disney World soon. Josh replied, "Well I don't think I get to go until I'm twenty or somethin' because we only have some money in our Disney jar and we have to get it full."

After Pap stopped laughing he gave Josh a five dollar bill to put in his Disney jar.

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