Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Instagramers you should follow

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Instagram peeps with you today. If you have an Instagram account you should check these guys out sometime. And as always, you can follow me at @aisforbeautiful.

This account documents the silly antics of a little white kitty with black markings above his eyes that look exactly like eyebrows. Hilarious. The captions are witty and the pictures entertaining. I normally don't like stuff like this but it's one account that never fails to make me smile when I see the pictures posted.

If you're an English nut like I am you'll want to follow this one.  It helps to have the visual with the definition to remember the word and it's meaning and then in the caption they actually use the word in a sentence. I don't always remember the words, but the stunning pictures and clever sentences really make it easier and I like to think it makes me smarter.

Alan Ali has lost over 150 pounds and his account is one of the most motivational I follow. He posts motivational quotes, great workout tips, and healthy food products he's found. Plus, he's North Carolina folk so he's good people.

Like a lot of Instagramers, Monica, the name behind Run Eat Repeat had a blog first. I like her instagram account because it provides quick witty snapshots and captions of healthy foods, inspirational workout tips and plenty of run documentation and info. Plus, she's funny and fast so there's that too.

This account contains clean eating ideas for meals and snacks for any age.  Gorgeous food art photos and great ideas for trying to eat healthy.

BONUS for local peeps:
Check out southernbiscuits and mywinstonsalem

Now tell me, who should I follow on Instagram?

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