Thursday, October 23, 2008

…it’s either a dog or a pony!

Yesterday we went to <a href="">Cash Lovell Stables</a> with my mom's group. The kind ladies there gave us a tour of the place and then let the kiddos take a short ride on "Mr. Buttons" one of their gentle horses. They also got to brush one of the other horses named Jesse James.

Julianna surprised me by really taking a liking to the entire place. She was not afraid at all and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. We had to divide into two groups since there were so many of us there at one time. Our group was all boys except for Jules and she really, really loved brushing Jesse James. The rest of them brushed him once and then were pretty much ready to move on and see what's next. Well, not Jules. She had to get out each and every brush and try it out on him. She would have happily stayed in that stall all day brushing that horse.

Anyway, then when it was time to actually get on one of the horses I figured she would shy away from it since she has been going through a pretty "afraid of everything" phase, but I was wrong. She ran right up and grabbed a helmet and got in line to be the first one on the horse. She let the lady put her right up on Mr. Buttons and she did everything she was told to do. She was all ready to go and she didn't even look back to find out where I was during all of this. As I said, I was shocked. I was also very proud. She is a brave, brave girl when she wants to be.

Click the picture below to see all of the photos from our morning.

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Courtney said...

collin was actually sitting w/me when i was looking at this and was super excited to see jules and is now asking over and over and over again for "neena". (seriously, like 50 times already). :-)

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