Thursday, October 30, 2008


Chapter 1:

The other night we heard Julianna moving around a lot in bed shortly after Jonathan put her down, but we knew she wasn't out of bed so we just thought she might be trying harder than usual to get comfy. Then when we went upstairs ourselves Jonathan went in to check on her as usual. Turns out she had taken off her pajamas and laid them beside her and he found her soun asleep and naked except for her pull-up with the covers tucked gently under her arms. It was so precious, yet enough-to-hurt-your-side-funny at the same time.

Chapter 2:

Jules, like a hundred and fifty thousand million other little girls, is going to dress up like Cinderella for Halloween this year. Jonathan's mother sent her one of those singing cards the other day and it's a Cinderella Halloween card that sings Bippity Boppity Boo when yopu open it. Well, she's carried that thing with her everywhere since. Anyway, on the way home today she had it in the car and was playing it over and over again and then she started recounting the events of the entire movie to me.

At one point she asked, "Why that big black cat chase those mouses?" and I told her that that's just what cats like to do. She of course followed that up with another, "Why?" I said, "Cats like to eat mice, just like that horse we saw the other day likes to eat carrots. And you know how we were talking about how bears like to eat honey? Well, cats just like to eat mice." Without missing a beat she answered with, "And people like to eat hamburgers."

Chapter 3:

Because we all like to eat so many hamburgers around here, we went to McDonald's the other day for lunch. We sat down to eat our Happy Meals and Jules and I sat on the same side of the booth looking out into the rest of the restaurant. There were several Hispanic men sitting across from us at another booth and one of them had a bandana on his head. Julianna caught his eye and pointed at him. Then she took a deep breath and said really loudly, "Look Mommy! It's a pirate!" Fortunately, he (and the rest of the people in the building who overheard) just smiled kindly.

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Courtney said...

Kaitlyn's grandma sent her the same card. She, too, carries it around. I am surprised it still works. Gotta love this age. Glad you guys had fun for Halloween....pirates and everything, huh?!? :)

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