Tuesday, December 9, 2008

pondering the name Light

Sometimes we call our cat Bud or Buddy even though his name is Simon. Jules quickly developed the habit of calling the puppy BuddyBuddy and she would enthusiastically say, “Hey BuddyBuddy!!” when she first saw him in the mornings or upon arriving at home. This morning I heard her say, “Hey Bud Light!”


I called to get a quote on an invisible fence this morning. Every place I called wanted to take down a lot of information from me about the dog. Of course, the first lady asked what his name was and when I replied, “Light” I felt the need to explain that we let our two year old name him. Not embarrassed, I just often feel the need to talk more than necessary. But now all the people are thinking, “Who in the world let’s their two year old name their dog ‘Light’?!”


Last night the dog was jumping all over my legs and I was so frustrated with it. When I’d had all I could take I stopped and yelled out, “Stop Light!” I heard Jonathan chuckle from the other room.

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