Thursday, January 15, 2009

i still need a job

Along with everyone else in the country, right?

My long-term sub gig ends next week and I will return to keeping the boys part-time, but I know that it will be nice to get that full-time January paycheck from the school system in a couple of weeks. It will pay some bills that we have gotten behind on.

I have been looking, looking, looking for another full-time teaching job. I've actually been looking since last March and I STILL haven't had any luck. Apparently with the poor economy everyone needs a job and there is even a shortage of teaching positions. One job that I've had my eye on for a long while still hasn't been filled and I finally realized that there is probably a hiring freeze at that community college.

Last week I saw a teacher assistant position posted online for an elementary school technology teacher and I jumped on it. I emailed them my application and resume, but it was filled before I could even get to the school to get them a hard copy.

Jonathan's company has had a few rounds of layoffs. Fortunately, he's been spared each time. Unfortunately, those left have had to take pay cuts, his ringing in at 10% plus cuts in benefits. We're trying to find ways to supplement that income now.

I know this is a story you're hearing everywhere these days, but it is really just depressing. I check a variety of schools/school systems' job postings daily. Short of becoming a bus driver or a cafeteria lady, there's not much out there.

A hospital in my area just cut a few jobs as well and it makes you wonder, when health care and education positions are scarce, what can be left?

Somehow we'll make it through just like everyone else, but if you know of a technology teaching position in the triad area please let me know ASAP! Otherwise I might have to learn how to serve chicken nuggets and wear a hair net and I'd really prefer not to have to do that.

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The Hughes' said...

Just a thought, short term of course, but have you looked into any kind of IT position? It wouldn't be teaching, but you know computers and they get paid pretty good. Sorry to hear ya'll are going through this. A girl in our Sunday School class works at Downtown Middle (not a very good school, but) She just went on Maternity leave for 12 weeks, maybe they have some subbing needed for a bit. Good luck.


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