Thursday, February 5, 2009

if only i were a child

I would be fascinated with the most randomest things (that's not a word is it?).

At least my daughter is.

She has learned the word "question" and although she says it with the most adorable pronunciation ever (kess-tuhn) she doesn't understand the meaning of the word. She's all the time now going around saying, "Mama, I got a question for YOU." And I'll say, "OK. What is it?" Then she'll reply with a typical toddler story like, "When we went to the library the other day... there was a boy... and he had on PURPLE!"

Anyway, that's not the funny part. The funny part happened yesterday when we were sitting at the bar in the kitchen eating lunch. Our island bar is located right next to the refrigerator and Julianna's usual seat is closest to the freezer side of the fridge.

Sometimes ice gets stuck halfway between the ice maker and the ice dispenser and then as it melts a little a piece will occasionally fall out. You see where this is going so far, right?

Julianna and I are happily munching on leftovers when a piece of ice falls with a loud clunk and scares us both a tiny bit. She asks, "What's that?" and I explained to her what had happened.

I think nothing else of it, but Jules knows our routine pretty well and she knows that right after lunch we go to pick up the kids I babysit for from their preschools. She tells me that she wants to tell the boys that a piece of ice fell out of our ice maker so I say OK kid whatever. (Well, not exactly that, but you know.)

As soon as she sees the oldest she exclaims proudly, "C_____, I got a QUESTION for YOU!"

"What is it, Julianna?" he answered with genuine curiosity.

"A piece of ice fell out of our ice maker!" she responded.

And he sat there bewildered as can be while I just quietly laughed at the workings of my child's mind.


The Hughes' said...

That's wonderful! and I mean Full of Wonder...

Daisy said...

I love it! The pieces fall into place, but in a slightly different order.

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