Friday, February 13, 2009

thinking about

I'm contemplating taking the Praxis II to get certified in additional teaching subject areas. I'm wondering how much of a difference that would make on my job search.

Also, thinking about how proud I am of myself losing 18.5 pounds all on my own. It's so exciting and I know I can lose more. I really feel like I've already made some good habits this year.

I'm loving my husband very much today (not that I don't any other day, just had more free time today to miss him) and looking forward to a quiet weekend to spend together doing not too much of anything.

Hoping and praying I don't have strep throat. After last year, I really don't want to take antibiotics again.

Have a good weekend everyone!


dancing_lemur said...

Congrats on your 18.5 pounds!!

kelly b said...

awesome job on the weight loss. and btw-if you get strep and have to take antibiotics again, i'm gonna come over there and give that strep a kick in the boottaaayyy!!!! i hope that it is a false alarm.

Emily said...

congratulations on your weight loss. That is an incredible thing to do, especially all on your own!

I hope you get to feeling better!

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